Space Hell Origins: Alien Shooter & Space Defender

Space Hell Origins: Alien Shooter & Space Defender

No matter what users are into, it is just downright assuaging to experience this new game namely Space Hell Origins: Alien Shooter & Space Defender on the App Store and Play Store. So when developer announced it people were pulled not only did it feature many things, but useful for everyone.

The game is enumerated that your planet’s future is in your hands.  By this game the players could take complete command of the only spaceship and protect Earth from the alien invaders. The main goal of this game would be challenging, the fate of not only your own planet but the galaxy and the complete space, the universe is in your hands now.

With this amazing space shooting game, the players will be facing an increasingly large number of enemy forces, alien shooters and flying warships in hardship environments. As on the game primarily progresses, the players will gain experience and points to upgrade their spaceship also weapons.

How to Play Space Hell Origins:

  • Users could try to escape from all the enemies and bullets in different shapes, sizes.
  • They have multiple levels of difficulty that actually increases over time.
  • Shields and nuke bombs are there to help you to stay alive a bit longer
  • The shield would appear shortly, collect to activate it.
  • Players are going to have one nuke bomb initially, and more will appear with time.
  • Users can double tap during game play to activate the Nuke.

The players can adeptly experience indefinite and addictive game play so thereby you can try to survive for as long as they can in this adventurous space shooter game.

Key Features of Alien and Space Shooter game

  • Comprises tons of Bullets and Shield to save you from Bullet Waves

  • Presence of Nuke bomb to offer you a relief from all dangers

  • Includes different planes in shape and color that adeptly suit your style.
  • Have three different packages at the shop for lives and nukes purchase accordingly.
  • Can experience unlimited challenges totally randomized.

In conclusion Space Hell Origins is regarded to be one of the top alien shooter, space defender and shooter arcade game available on the Play store and App Store. Needless to say, people are enjoying the each experience with beneficial aspects, aside from the quality features from this game of Space Hell Origins.





More recently people have come across LiveShopper while doing regular roundup of the familiar App Store and Play Store apps, and they were highly impressed since it looked like splendid something set it apart from others

LiveShopper is one of those apps where you users can download app for free to start earning rewards while shopping at your favourite destinations. In situations when you visit a store, restaurant, hotel, entertainment venue or other participating business, users would have the top opportunity to answer a few questions about your experience, or be asked to perform quick and easy tasks in exchange for rewards that you might be able to use immediately or during your next visit.

The users can effectively earn rewards in exchange for feedback. Generally their quality partners want to gain insight from their biggest asset of users. When you are out and about, instant discounts and rewards will help to save users money. They could also find at many of favourite destinations.

You can also complete a LiveShopper task at favourite location to permit management know of your experiences and get rewarded for doing so. Generally there is no more filling out receipt surveys, clipping coupons, or saving up enough points for your rewards.

It is illustrated that now users can get discounts and rewards when you want them – while you’re shopping or dining. More specifically they’re stored right on your phone so you never lose track of them. Your favourite brands could continue to exceed your expectations with the feedback you offer through answering questions, snapping a valid picture, and submitting the LiveShopper task.

How to get your first reward

  • You can download the LiveShopper app and develop an account.
  • The users can look for available tasks in your area.
  • You can click on a task near you to view the details.
  • Easy to accept, perform, and submit the task while you are physically at participating location. Delivery tasks will need to accepted, performed, and submitted within delivery radius.
  • You can also check your LiveShopper wallet for the designated reward

With numerous beneficial tips for users they are primarily suggested when taking a picture, must be sure to allow LiveShopper access to your photo library so that they can save their photo. In cases if WiFi is available, one must be sure to join the network before starting your task. Most tasks require you to be physically at the establishment while performing and submitting the task.

It is conveyed that the location issues could be resolved by turning your location settings off and back on in your device’s settings. In conclusion LiveShopper app is definitely something that’s so much different on the App Store and Play Store which is always refreshing to experience these days.





Peeks Social – Live Video

Peeks Social – Live Video

The acumen developers put forward sensational app features in Peeks Social so people knew it is special and had to try it. Now that it’s out for users, it does splendid works and wholly satisfies with all unique salient features. While the app does amazing things for users they just can’t stop coming back to it again and again. This app of Peeks Social – Live Video is a publicly traded Toronto based eCommerce live video startup that is primarily leading the best grossing charts for in-app payments on both iOS and Android.

It is conveyed that Peeks Social monetizes users in its social network at levels particularly higher than all of its peers. While the Peeks Social community has access to use their earnings towards premium content, Broadcaster appreciation, crowdfunding contribution, and ecommerce sale’s on the platform. Peeks Social has been efficaciously earning revenues and continues to earn revenues daily.

With this eminent app of Peeks Social – Live Video one can go Live. You can also start broadcasting your stream from anywhere to anyone in the world. Also get popular and widely grow your followers overnight by getting featured in Peeks Social. You can also get paid, collect tips, get sponsored, use paywalls and get paid for your content. Eventually you can explore, watch exclusive live streams, videos from around the world and receive special offers.

Quality Ways to Make Money on Peeks Social

Peeks Social expediently offers multiple features to grow your income on your own time. The creators of all audience have the good opportunity to work with exclusive brands and earn revenue from their content. Given below are best ways to make money through Peeks Social.

  • Offer Box – You could create and receive exclusive deals directly to your Offer Box.
  • PayWall – For top content, a paywall can be created that actively enables viewers to pay a premium before entering the stream.
  • AD Share – The users can join Peeks Social for free and have unlimited access to our marketplace, full of top creators and brands.
  • Tipping- The persuasive creators have the opportunity to receive direct compensation for their content from their audience.
  • Crowd Funding- Do you have a project or acumen idea you need help funding? Peeks Social offers personal fundraising and permits your audience to help you reach your goal.

Top Secret in Creating a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

You can also crowdfund anything from publishing your own book, launching a product, or supporting a great cause. Some of the successful crowdfunding campaign given below

  • Set a Goal – Always good to set goals on funding and timelines and efficaciously strategize what you want to achieve and when you want to accomplish it,
  • Tell your Story – The more you personalize your story, the better.
  • Good to Offer Rewards – Give your audience something in return for supporting your campaign.
  • Option of Self Promote – Before launching your crowdfunding campaign actively begin generating buzz about your qualitative movement.
  • Better to Build a Relationship – It is also best opportunity to build a relationship that might be beneficial to you in the future.

Important Achievements

  • Android ranked Top 10 for in-app purchases in 15 countries
  • iOS ranked Top 10 for in-app purchases in 28 countries
  • Massively hit 3 billion interactions in 2017
  • Best Record of Top broadcaster earned over $200,000 USD
  • $3m in revenues in first 9 months of operation – World first for a social networking platform
  • Only social network in the world with instant payouts on company branded Visa Card
  • High ability to deposit crypto – Bitcoin for now to prepaid Visa card and spend anywhere in the world instantly
  • Widely downloaded in over 110 countries
  • More than 150 million page views
  • Regards to be number 1 technology company in the TSX Venture 50 2017

Best Ways in Making a Full Time Income Using Affiliate Marketing

It is affirmed that affiliate Marketing is when an ecommerce company pays a commission for online traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

How to Use It

  • Set up a stream and select go live
  • You can develop the title
  • Include hashtags of the category you will be covering. The hashtag in your title decides what ad opportunities are available to you
  • Select “Get Sponsored” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose the ad you would like to appear on your stream.
  • Read the terms for the sponsorship agreement. If the ad is a good fit, click “accept” on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Once you have effectively chosen the offer, you will be brought back to the stream setup screen. Make sure the ad you chosen is beside the “Get Sponsored” tab.
  • If everything looks correct, begin your broadcast and start earning from your traffic

Finally this Peeks Social continues to look at new ways to enhance the users experience and grow to new markets. The passionate users can get start now and download Peeks from the App Store or Play Store. So enjoy getting rewarded for your content.




ERC20 Ethereum Token Exchange Software Platform

ERC20 Ethereum Token Exchange Software Platform

Creating Ethereum is not only exclusive endeavor but important from several points of view. First, for creating your own Ethereum token you would be able to launch ICO, the fundraised money where you can spend to develop a full-fledged version of the project. ERC20 Ethereum Token Exchange Software Platform is also much talk subject among users.

People must remember that ICO and own cryptocurrency token is permitted almost for any industry. Just do not forget about ICO marketing.  To create your own cryptocurrency Ethereum token one should know to determine which functionality and capabilities Ethereum offers for these purposes. More interestingly the early investors who bought Ethereum for $0.7 earned a fortune, despite the fluctuations and volatility of the cryptocurrency market. 

Ethereum Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are automatically executable programs. You could create whole decentralized worlds such as decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, DApps, one of which is your own Ethereum token on the ERC standard.

There are 4 programming languages that allow you to develop your own Ethereum token:

  • Mutan, Go-like language. The last few years strongly condemned by the community.
  • LLL, Lisp-like language. Very rarely used due to its complexity.
  • Serpent, a Python-like language – Python is popular among developers because of its functionality, versatility, and involvement in different industries. Web development, IoT development, and even desktop applications. Good security is crucial in the development of smart contracts, the cryptocurrency tokens Ethereum and particualrly the cryptocurrency platforms.
  • Solidity, Javascript-like language – They are immensely focused solely on smart contracts development. It is highly gaining familiarity outside the Ethereum community. They are the most right choice.

ERC20 Ethereum Token Standard -ERC, or Ethereum Request for Comment

It actually implies technical requirements for a token and a smart contract. The ERC20 standard token is presently the most familiar. In order to comply with this standard, you require having the functionality such as the token name, supply available for circulation, the strong ability to get a wallet balance, the functionality of transferring tokens funds between wallets.

The salient feature of tokens upon Ethereum is the inability to mine them. If you need a token, or rather the cryptocurrency that miners could mine, you should actually refer to a slightly different kind of development. To successfully develop cryptocurrency tokens, they must first be tested. You have 2 kinds of blockchain namely test net and main net. So testing should be done on the first, and the second serves as the main Ethereum blockchain. 

NuWay – A NuWay to chat

NuWay – A NuWay to chat

When I saw NuWay – NuWay chat app developed by Sark Mobile Solutions on the Play Store, I became intrigued by the salient features, I’m glad I picked this one up, because it’s a great chat app  that does all favors.

In using this chat app one could keep their number private. It could also chat by sharing just your NuWay ID, not your phone number. The effective users could also share and converse with the whole world, safely. They can also have Recall Ping feature where one could type the right ping. Now users have a better chance to recall it. Long-press the ping, press the Recall icon. If Recall is successful, you would view a looped arrow next to the ping. Generally for checking the status of recall from a group chat, just touch that message and you could see the recall status from each person.

By primarily using this NuWay – A NuWay to chat app users could get Routes – know when to start. They could also know the estimated travel time in traffic by choosing the start and destination. It would also illustrate you the 2 or 3 alternative routes, distance and estimated time in traffic. The good part is that you could change the time to know how travel time changes, easily find out when it is least.

How effectively to use this app

  • If you wish to use a route, touch it to open that route in Google Maps
  • You can save a route if you like to retrieve it with one touch again

One could also efficiently share their location with NuWay chat app. By doing this act it is possible to share your location with a friend or a group, who could then see your position and movement till you turn it off. This best feature makes it simpler to help your friends meet you if you are outside and not popular with the area.

They could also mark a ping as important, which would then give out a distinct ringtone to the recipient and bring attention that a phone Contact has sent an important ping. Moreover you can also have a forward a message, showing that who did the original posting.

Similarly what you can do if a Forward for assistance you just received was a Spam from someone unknown or a genuine request? With this extensive Forward feature, the NuWay ID of the user who did the original posting is actually retained. It is less likely for someone to start a Spam when they know their ID is displayed.

In addition if you like to remind a friend or your group on something tomorrow then just send a reminder. It would also ring an alarm at the date and time you set. Also don’t have to worry if you would remember to remind on time and if the other person would have network.

With this quality app you can develop a poll within a group and take group’s vote easily. There is no more back and forth a conversation that leaves everyone wondering what the group’s choice was. It could also convert a 2-way call into a 3-way conference

They are also described that anyone in a group can spontaneously start a conference. Everyone on the group, who is online, would get a call and on answering the call, also get added to the conference. For users it is so facile and convenient to do a conference, specifically at short notice.

It is also possible to recharge/pay any prepaid/postpaid mobile, DTH or Electricity service simple and fast with our app. For a prepaid number, the users could even recharge for multiple plans in a single transaction or repeat a past transaction with just a couple of clicks. It is conveyed that this feature supports payment using UPI, Debit card, Credit card and net banking.

Apart from several other aspects if users like to send a ping or attachment to multiple people, they don’t have to copy and send to each separately. In addition you could also just start a new ping, type the message or select the attachment, press Send and select the recipients.

It is also enumerated that the users can keep their privacy settings and notifications different for your Phone contacts from others with who you might chat for any reason. So in cases if users get that tone or see the LED flashing, you know it is someone who is a contact from your Phone book.

By this chat app you can immensely express yourself and it is rendezvous. It is also famous for Group chat and Messaging app. They also have special group messaging and hidden chat. You can also come across Opinion Poll and share image features.

With this chat app you can express yourself and it is rendezvous. It is also famous for Group chat and Messaging app. They also have special group messaging and hidden chat. You can also come across Opinion Poll and share image features, ” Moreover the people can be “rendezvous” using their share location using map.

If users require having a one-time conversation with someone you just met, all you need to do is to share your NuWay ID; your acquaintance could simply find you using that ID and chat. Finally if you’re zeal fan of chat apps in general, then NuWay chat app is one that you must check out this on holiday.