UpHabit – The Best CRM For Your Business or Personal Relationship

UpHabit – The Best CRM For Your Business or Personal Relationship

When you begin a business, you will see that managing your contacts wouldn’t be so difficult. You would have had only a few members and would have been able to manage all of their email address and other things by heart. As days pass by and things start getting better, you will see that there will be more number of people to keep track.

The same thing happens with relationships as you can see that, when we grow the contacts we have increase and it would be difficult to prioritize all. UpHabit is one app that belongs to the productivity category and it is your Customer Relationship Manager that comes in handy when you need one for you.

Your goal can be anything like nurturing your sales, growing your network, organizing contacts or building better relationships. UpHabit helps you accomplish all this without any hassles.

Under the ‘People’ section of the app, you can see that your contacts are categorized as ‘relationships’ or ‘everyone’. UpHabit has options that allow you to filter and sort your contacts. The app has toggle buttons for reminders, tags and descriptions. People can be sorted by company, last name, email, last updated, last connected and reminder date.

Under the ‘Today’ tab of the app, you can manually add contacts or sync them. You can add an integration in the settings on either Google or Microsoft mail. The app lets you to manage all your subscriptions under the settings tab. Since the app is subscription based, it doesn’t display any ads. The pro version comes for $6.99 and the unlimited version of the app is available for $11.99.

The most appreciable thing about the app is that, they assure that all our data is kept safe and they use it only to organize it. Our privacy is their number one priority. The app helps you to be a better human by creating authentic relationships when you give your time and experience to people who matter utmost to you. Using UpHabit, you can be proactive and never lose touch.

The app is a way of revolutionizing how you manage your contacts. The app is a collection of details from everywhere thereby linking all social media profiles and setting description to your contacts. The app also allows you to add notes for your remembrance.

If you have any queries, the firm UpHabit is ready to resolve them when you mail the issue, details of your device and the Android or iOS version to support@uphabit.com.

When you need great relationships, UpHabit will help you get there.

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Do you watch TV? Don’t you think that a subscription with a cable company can feel like a one-sided relationship. You may not get as many providers to choose from, which leaves you with no recourse for annoyances like rate hikes. But, you have to always be intact in front of your TV to watch your favorite shows. Sometimes, we are not able to watch the shown on the TV,  if some guests come at our home or if there is a power cut or someone wants to see other channel. However, the reasons are many.

At that time, you need some another option

where you can watch the same TV channels with comparatively less cost than the cable company and also you don’t have to wait for the power to come. Yes, the best live streaming services offer you the same TV channels that you love for a fraction of the cost. You can now reduce the gap between you and the TV shows you like!

If you have your own Smartphone or Tablet,  you can watch the TV shows on your mobile phone without getting annoyed by anything.

No matter if it is raining outside and the signals are not coming, the power is off, the TV is not working properly, you can still watch the shows on time with the help of Streamport.

With Streamport, you can watch Live TV, Video and Radio regardless of any time and place. It’s an amazing platform for all of us! Streamport has been developed by Streamark. The app is compatible with the latest versions of the Smartphone and Tablet. It’s also available on Streamark. tv-desktop browsers.

The content displayed on the platform is not free so you need to subscribe. Don’t worry the monthly charges are very reasonable. Streamport subscriptions include Live TV and Radio channels of Music and documentaries and great Library of videos. The content displayed on the app is of HD quality and runs very smoothly without any interruptions.

Streamport is a 100% legal, genuine, safe and secure app which offers all the TV channels that are aired Live on the app with a very low monthly subscribers prices. This offer extends continuously upon acquiring re-transmission rights.

The app offers multiple Login options to login, offers searching and filtering tools and a proper TV Guide. Moreover the app offers 7-days re-run options for live channels,  adaptive streaming for Internet connections and 24/7 online Customer Support.

So reduce the gap between you and TV with Streamport and never ever miss a TV show that you like!

Try the app now!  It’s available for free on Google Play Store!

May you have a pleasant experience on Streamport!

Pros: offers Live TV, Radio and Video library; 6 days rerun options; low monthly prices; offers TV guide; multiple Login options; searching and filtering tools; 24/7 online support; adaptive streaming. 

Cons: none.

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Carrom Stars: The Online 3D Game of Carrom

Carrom Stars: The Online 3D Game of Carrom

As a parent, I always worry about my children not even knowing about old games that we used to play, as they are not played anymore: They are lost somewhere! Most children these days only play digital games. That renders them unable to understand us when we are talking about our childhood. One such old game is Carrom, played on a Carrom board. To keep this game alive and entertain people in this age of digitalization, Junglee Games has launched Carrom Stars, the online multiplayer version of the game of Carrom.

You must have heard of the game or played it on a physical board. The game is often called Carrom Board game in India. Carrom Stars is its online version that you can download and play on your mobile anytime, anywhere.

Carrom is my favorite entertainment and it will become yours too if you play the game with Carrom Stars! Carrom Stars is designed to allow you to play Carrom online with players from across the world on a 3D Carom board. Pocket your Carrom pieces before your opponent can and become a Carrom star!

Carrom Stars uses advanced AI and real physics to provide you a thrilling gaming experience. Moreover, it lets you play the game with the real, human players of varying skill levels and makes sure that the level of your skills matches with your opponent’s. The app offers brilliant graphics and smooth and intuitive controls to give you an absolutely realistic experience.

Signing up for Carrom Stars is very easy. You can sign up using your Facebook account or mobile number and to load chips to play, or you can play as a guest. It gives you the option to play Carrom in the Practice mode as well to enhance your skills or to get familiar with game controls. You can play at your own pace, and practice different shots, tactics and strategies to master the game. In the Multiplayer mode, you can play Carrom live with real opponents from across the globe anytime, anywhere.

In case you are not familiar with Carrom rules, let me tell you that it’s very simple strike-and-pocket game. Your objective is to pocket all your Carrom men (black or white) and the Queen (a red piece) to win. You can start playing at the beginner’s level to sharpen your skills and then proceed to the next level. You can easily play all the shots that you play on a physical Carrom board.

So download Carrom Stars and play Carrom on the unique Carrom board online to become the Carrom king of the world. Also, refer it to your friends and get unique rewards.

Pros: Log in using Facebook account; uses advanced AI and real physics; 3 different game rooms to choose games from; stunning visuals; smooth controls; play in Practice mode or Multiplayer mode; great experience, free to download and play.

Cons: None.

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3 Business Apps Every Successful Freelancer Needs

3 Business Apps Every Successful Freelancer Needs

They say a person is only as good as their tools. For freelance writers in the digital age, having the right applications, web-based tools, skills, and knowledge is key. Freelancer Ryan Robinson shared his experience of working in the gig economy, saying there are so many competing priorities, incoming requests, and demands to deal with that having the right tools for communication, productivity and time-keeping is essential. On top of that, clients and companies today are drawing from a large pool of highly-skilled candidates, with the pool continuing to grow at an incredibly fast rate. Yoss reveals that a whopping one-third of American workers are now freelancers, and an estimated half of all workers will be freelancing within the next decade. This exponential growth has resulted in a very competitive job market filled with talented freelancers. This means that as a freelancer, you need to be well versed in the latest apps to ensure that you not only stand out from the crowd but perform well when you do get a freelance job.

So with that in mind, these three business apps will help you have a successful freelance career:


Mike Lechter’s list of three apps for work and life balance includes Trello, which gives you a perspective over all of your projects at work and at home. It’s great if you want to stay organized and on top of everything you need to do, whether it’s doing your groceries or meeting your deadlines. You can use it on your own or collaboratively with a team. The app allows you to assign tasks, customize workflows, attach files, and share comments among others. Trello is free to use and doesn’t have any in-app purchases, which is great if you’re keeping to a budget.


One of the main challenges for freelancers is making sure they get things done and are productive with their time. After all, it can be easy to get sucked into a wormhole of YouTube videos. Lifehack suggests RescueTime, which lets you keep track of how you spend your time on your computer. Later on, you can analyze that data and see when you’re most productive and when you find it hard to concentrate. It works in the background and gives you down-to-the-minute detailed reports on your activities. The app also has goal-setting tools and alarms that will help you stay focused on all your tasks.


Wave is a financial software designed for accounting, invoicing, and payments—three things successful freelancers can’t take for granted. Wave allows you to add your own branding to your invoices so you can create something personalized and professional at the same time. Wave also allows you to create invoices from your phone, which makes it easier for clients to pay you. Entrepreneur explains that the app makes it easy for you to manage your business as it connects to your bank accounts, syncs your expenses, and balances your books for you. When it comes to invoicing, it allows you to send an estimate and then turn it into an invoice upon approval. You can send statements to follow up on overdue clients, too.

These three apps can help you get started in the world of freelancing. If you’ve been in the business for quite some time already, you’ll know that staying on top of your game means constantly improving your tools. Those who don’t take advantage of the latest technological developments will quickly fall behind, and find it harder to find work.

Pool King: The Best 8-Ball Game Ever

Pool King: The Best 8-Ball Game Ever

Sports are an integral part of our lives, and the popularity smartphones has led to the development of many game apps with which sports lovers enjoy playing games of their choice.  For billiards lovers, one of the best 8-ball pool games is Pool King, which can be downloaded and played on all Android phones. Pool King has been developed by a leading game developer company that has great expertise and extensive experience in developing online and offline game apps for both desktops and mobile phones.

Pool King is the game of 8-ball, a version of billiards, which has pretty simple rules. There are 15 balls on the table including the black ball but excluding the cute ball (white): 7 solids, 7 stripes and 1 black ball. You have to pocket all 7 balls (either solids or stripes, depending on the first ball you or your opponent pocketed) by hitting them with the cue ball before you pocket the black ball. If you are breaking and you pocket a stripes first, then you are stripes.

You have to be very careful to not pocket the cue ball, otherwise it will be a foul, which gives the opponent a chance to place the cue ball anywhere on the table and play the shot. To win, you need to pocket all your balls and then finally the black ball. If you pocket the black ball before all your 7 balls have been pocketed, you lose. If you are lucky in a game, your opponent might pocket that ball and gift you a victory! We all know in sports one needs some luck as well and sometimes it may favor us.

If you are already familiar with the game of eight-ball, then playing it on Pool King will not be any problem at all. But I would like some tutorial in the app, as beginners have to go somewhere else to learn the game first.

Pool King has great features including the free practice games that help you sharpen your game skill. And you get free 10,000 chips initially to allow you to play with other guest players online. Other features include the sound on/off, the option of earning chips by referring your friends, the Leaderboard, and the option of in-app purchase, which allows you to buy more chips to play online. With its highly appealing graphics, the game is very easy to play and provides you awesome entertainment.

The app, suitable for all people aged 3 or above, can be easily downloaded and installed on all Android mobiles. I would say Pool King is one of the best sports apps I have ever come across.

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