Do you dream about the stock market all the time and can’t stop thinking about it? If you are a smart investor and invest money in the Stock market on a daily basis, then you might have gained some knowledge about it. You know that stock markets have always been unpredictable and intriguing in the way they change in no time. People have risked their lives on it, some have ended up losing it all while some have doubled or multiplied their savings. It doesn’t mean that they have invested correctly or incorrectly. It’s just about luck and sometimes the stock market itself.

However, if we invest our money in small amounts from the beginning just in the right way by taking guidance from the successful traders, we can double our savings. It’s just a lack of knowledge and time for those who invest money and are not up to date. The ones who invest money should also invest some of their time in it. You need to go through the trading apps daily and watch the rise and fall in the market. This can only be possible with the right trading platform. Yes, you need a smart solution for your trading needs.

That’s why we have designed this one-of-a-kind stock market app that lets you carry the share market in your pocket. It’s none other than R Mobile Trader: Online trading app which has been developed by RoboForex (CY) Ltd. The app has been compatible with the iOS 10.0 or later versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

R Mobile Trader is a fully-featured Mobile trading station. It’s an all-in-one online trading platform where you can see live trading of currencies, indices, oil, metals, stocks and derivatives on the Global market under one roof. You can invest in the top stocks online and get updates about everything and also monitor the global economy’s current state.

R Mobile Trader app makes trading very easy and handy. It provides fast, seamless and profitable trading as it’s the best online trading app. It’s very easy to use and convenient as well. There is no need to go anywhere or watch the news on the TV, just have a look at the app and you’re ready to invest. It’s as easy as you think! Today, almost all successful traders use Mobile trading apps and trade in the stock market. There are a lot of benefits of using this mobile trading app such as.

  • Provides live charts and quotes.
  • Easy and quick order placement.
  • Fourteen trading indicators and all the necessary instruments for chart analysis.
  • Copy-trading platform integration (Copy FX)
  • Secure in-app account deposits.
  • Receive timely alerts.
  • Seamless access to the stock market at your fingertips.
  • Complete control over your accounts and funds: make deposits and check your investing history.

Overall, this app offers you a lot of things from analytical sources such as: forecasts, reviews of economic events, online trading signals, etc. It’s an integrated copy-trading platform where you can find the most effective traders and copy their success. It’s the best trading platform that I know today. Just go for it and start investing!

Pros: online trading app; easy to use; convenient; work seamlessly; safe and secure; free.

Cons: none.

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Bounty Sports, a fantasy sports app for the everyday fan.

Bounty Sports, a fantasy sports app for the everyday fan.

The issue I find with most fantasy sports competitions is that they require a huge commitment to continuously update your team. So, for the average fan, we’ve got no chance against the experts.

That’s why Bounty Sports is a great option for the everyday fan! It’s available to download on iOS.

What makes it different? You pick teams and not players. Simply look at the games being played today, make your selections, and rack up points if they win. If you choose a favorite and they win, you get a point. If you choose an underdog, you get more points.

The best thing about quick-picks and simple scoring is that you can easily make all your picks while drinking your morning coffee. No need to spend a long time managing individual players on your team.

There’s also no need to commit to being engaged for the entire season. Bounty Sports has contests daily. So, whether you choose to engage every day or just on the weekend, it’s a level playing field and you’ve always got the same chance of winning as other players…. If you make correct picks!

There are a variety of different sports on offer: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer and MMA.

If a more casual fantasy sports application sounds like your thing, check out the app on iOS today!

KiteBoard – The Digital Bulletin Board

KiteBoard – The Digital Bulletin Board

At home, we leave tasks or notes on the refrigerator to convey information to kids or others. How about you have a digital bulletin board? That sounds quite interesting, right? Yes, with the era of technology, we can see our children spending most of the time in the mobile or tablets. This app aims in making children do good deeds by serving as a digital bulletin board. 

Offered by Dmytro Kompanets, the app KiteBoard falls under the Lifestyle category. The app is made available for both iOS and Android users. This app acts as a new digital refrigerator, where parents can place notes of things that they want their children to accomplish. This brings out good deeds in children. Kite tools is a collection of a whole ecosystem that lets users communicate with their children without any hassles.

The digital notice board can display anything like the tasks to be done, to-do lists, reminders, and so on. KiteBoard is a part of the Kite tools ecosystem that lets users better communicate with their kids. Parents will be able to give tasks to their kids like sharing a meme with me, exercising with me regularly, cleaning the room daily and limiting the time they spend before the screen, etc. 

Once the tasks are assigned to the child, you can give them coins that the child can earn as he completes them. All of the kite tools are designed for kids and parents. This makes it easier for us to do our responsibilities and stay with our children wherever they are. KiteBoard is one part of this and it has benefitted many parents all over the world. Earning the coins once he completes the task will motivate the child to do further. Once the child completes the task assigned, they can submit the proof by clicking the attach button. The proof can then be verified by the parent and confirmed or rejected to add the coins.

The app also has an exclusive KiteStore that allows parents to buy gifts for the kids as well. The rewards provided to the children serve as a great motivation and this helps the kid to play this game more enthusiastically. The team of kite tools are always open to suggestions and you can write to them on support@kite.tools in case you have any queries or want to send some feedback.

KiteBoard is completely free for download and comes with in-app purchases. Download the app today and take your first step towards responsible parenting with this digital bulletin board.

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Cherish the moments that matter with My Wow Memories

Cherish the moments that matter with My Wow Memories

My Wow Memories is a highlight reel maker, an easy way to organize your photos and videos by occasion and a convenient place for everybody to share pictures of the same event. In a time when it’s not uncommon to have thousands of pictures on your phone, and many people taking pictures or videos at the same event, it can be difficult to organize them all. The app is available to download on iOS!

Whether you simply want to store personal memories in a more organized way or want a place for your loved ones to share pictures of a birthday or holiday, My Wow Memories makes it easy. Simply create a group, invite people to it and start sharing content!

Easily access shared media and create reels, videos and slideshows from the best moments. Add music and do basic editing thanks to the in-build highlight maker and share to social media in a couple of taps if you want.

My Wow Memories is a fantastic tool, whether you want a place to keep your own memories or create them with loved ones. Check out the app today on iOS!

Top 5 Best Apps to Track Macros On the Go

Top 5 Best Apps to Track Macros On the Go

Yes, macro tracking is essential for a variety of reasons, including managing some medical conditions, enhancing athletic performance, building muscle, lose weight etc. No matter what the reason behind calculating macronutrients, these numbers can assist to keep you motivated about your daily meal.

Well, there’s a range of macro calculator apps to choose from, and we compiled a list of a few for your convenience. However, the list is not in any specific order, you any one of macronutrient calculators to calculate macronutrient needs.

Macro Counter – Daily Calorie Intake Calculator:

People normally visit MEDICAL PRO and must ask “what should my macros be”! Quit worrying, this macro calculator app helps you in tracking daily macronutrient and calorie intake. This free calculator for macro assists you to calculate daily proteins, carbohydrates, and fats corresponding to your age, height, weight, and your body mass. You could easily save the history of your daily macros needs to get an overview in the future about your optimal health progress.

You could even try the best daily macro calculator to maintain, lose, and muscle gain according to your micro nutrient’s intake. Even you could account with these macronutrient stats if you are on a journey of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) diet. For user convenience, this best macro tracker display macronutrient in both percentage and figure format. Get the recommendation for your macronutrients intake by using the free macros calculator.


This macro tracker app is packed with an easy interface that works best for individuals who trying food journaling for the first time. You could save and re-use all the logged meals that can be build from the 4 million foods in the database of MyFitnessPal. The macro calculator app comes with a barcode scanner, which can assist to input your daily diet. The app provides you with nutrient breakdown by simply tapping the “Nutrient” pie chart icon that you find at the bottom of the “Diary” screen. The amazing thing is that red, blue, and green slices let you make visualizing your progress a piece of cake. It becomes handy now to track your weekly breakdown under the “Nutrition” tab in the given menu.

Fitocracy Macros:

Now, it becomes handy to monitor your essential daily macronutrient intake. This best daily macro calculator swiftly puts your macro counts front and center in a clear and even simple Venn diagram on its home screen. If you people seek a way to determine your nutrient breakdown, a built-in tool lets you to set reasonable goals. You ought to enter your carbs, fats, and protein for every single meal and track your trends over time. Even also, this macronutrient calculator app assists you in saving the stats for the meals that you consume most frequently.

My Macros+:

The macros calculator developed by a former bodybuilder; it provides you with a lot of bang for your buck. At the top of screen, red numerals reveal how many of each nutrient (protein, fat, and carb) you required for the rest of your day as you add saved foods or meals from the library. If you are seeking to consume fewer carbs on your recovery day, then you reached at right spot! This macro calculator app allows you people to save the different macronutrient goals that you could choose between – means intermittent fasters or athletes as their diets typically change dramatically and easily switch their meals goals if required. This macro tracker is best for motivated meal planners to make plans for their macronutrient goals.


This macro goal calculator is great for starters who need some extra assistance along the way! The app is packed with tons of handy tips and tricks through which users have the best food logging experience possible. Its portion control feature makes sure that you don’t need to overindulge and pop-up alerts are best to remind you to weigh in or consume a healthy afternoon snack. It becomes quite easy to compare how your actual macro intake stacks up against the daily target every single day. Also, this macro calculator app is able to auto-adjust your caloric goals when your body composition changes.

So, stick with one of the above-discussed apps and make it easy to track your macro needs right now. Good Luck!