Taekwondo Karate: Kung Fu Street Fighting

Taekwondo Karate: Kung Fu Street Fighting

After coming across this popular Taekwondo Karate: Kung Fu Street Fighting game developed by Digibot Gaming Studios, I was primarily obsessed by the game features. I’ve finally had good time to dive into the game after a lot of analysis, and I have to surely admit that it is wholly entertaining.

This familiar Taekwondo Karate: Kung Fu Street Fighting is an incredible 3d street fighting game, with new fighting features and energetic combos that actually leave you speechless. Also if you are fan of martial arts, karate, kung fu fight, boxing, and wrestling then this reputed Taekwondo Karate for you.

It is noted that you can fight for your reputation and fight on street. Moreover you can become a true street fighting hero in this ultimate street fighting club 3d game and kings if fight. In addition it provides you a chance to relive a classic arcade future fighting game, so don’t miss this splendid fighting game.

More importantly this Taekwondo Karate: Kung Fu Street Fighting and street Fighting will end after you win. You can kick off the gang boss and all those who are part of this brutal street fighting game. It is possible to finish this battle run and smash all evil street fighters.

It’s also time for an endless fight and you have to kick off all your opponents as you are brave fighter. So enjoy amazing fun fighting game. You can enjoy Kings of street fighting 3D with ultimate combos, punches and kicks.

Also one should not underestimate them though since they are powerful street fighters. You are given many different defenses and attack techniques to assist you like punching, kicking, catching, throwing, and dodge. It’s up to you to punch, kick, smash and knock them all out. You can stick to your guns and prepare for a ruthless battle in city mayhem. In addition you can survive in this battle and become a champion mayhem.

By playing this real fighting experience, you will be surprised. 3D animation graphics make you feel like inside the game. If users wish to search for quality street fight online game, street fight and Kung Fu then Taekwondo Karate: Kung Fu Street Fighting developed by Digibot Gaming Studios would satisfy in all manners.


Taekwondo Karate: Kung Fu Street Fighting developed by Digibot Gaming Studios is strongly proving to be a massive fun time killer that I am actually returning to in my leisure time, and it’s one I suggest checking out if you wish to unwind but have a hard challenge at the same time.


Dungeon iDoll

Dungeon iDoll

Role playing games are the trend in today’s gaming market. One of the stereotypes of role playing games is that it induces players who are socially awkward to come out and expose their alternate selves. Playing these games promotes social skills, teamwork and cooperation and the trait to emphasize people who are different from oneself. Unlike multi-player games, role playing games lets you play with complete strangers where you play with new players. It also enables you to make new friends.

Dungeon iDoll is a new game in the market that lets players chose their own characters. The game is centred around an adventure story where you get to help human who are on the peril of demons attacking them. This game has virtually topped the charts for a role playing game. It allows you to choose your own character from the number of Battle Idols that are in line to vanquish the demons.

How the app works:

You have to download and install the app on your mobile phone or similar gadgets. Enter into the game and register yourselves as a player by giving yourselves a unique username.  You get to choose your character from the number of Battle Idols that are present in the game. You will notice as you traverse further into the game that your character will build itself even during your absence. Each character in the Battle Idol will have its own characteristics where you can customize battle formation based on your choice of Idol.

Features of the game:

The Dungeon iDoll is a game with super cool features. Some of these are listed below.

  • User friendly and easy to use
  • The game has a sleek look and is designed by professionals
  • Attractive characters to choose from

Compatible with:

Breathe-Home Massage Therapist

Breathe-Home Massage Therapist

While most of my leisure time is spent on playing chess these days, every now I wish to take a long break with some popular apps of iOS and Android apps. If people followed news about this app named Breathe-Home Massage Therapist app developed by Breathe OndemandIncfor the past several weeks, then you will know that how familiar with key features which primarily benefit users.

Breathe qualitatively provides a wide range of 5 star massage modalities, which actually includes Swedish, sports, deep tissue and pre-natal. These massage modalities can also be scheduled as a couple’s massage. The customers are easily able to book a Breathe customized massage experience that efficiently meets their requirements.

Experience the Special Kinds of Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

This is widely designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body by reaching the deepest layer of muscles, connective tissue and tendons.

Pre-Natal Massage

They are generally designed to reduce stress and discomfort due to pregnancy. It also helps to alleviate pains such as backaches, stiffness, headaches, swelling and leg cramps

Couple Massage

This amazing massage gives wonderful relaxing and personal experience. During the session, two people receive massages at the same time and in the same room from two different therapists.

Lymphatic Massage

The Lymphatic drainage is a gentle rhythmical massage treatment performed by a specially trained lymphatic massage therapist to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body.

Sports Massage

It strongly focuses on specific problem areas in the body (shoulders, knees, neck, back, hips, feet, arms, etc.) experiencing pain, decreased motion or decreased function.

Swedish massage

They are efficiently designed to relax the entire body and involve long, soft, kneading strokes that decrease muscle tension and increase blood flow throughout the body.

Full Body Massage

It is wholly designed to reduce overall tension, decrease stress and gets rid of sore muscles. Primarily this comprises work on your back, arms, legs, feet, hands, head, neck, and shoulders.

More specifically the Breathe massages are available seven day a week between 8.30am to 10.30pm. All Breathe independent certified and licensed massage therapist are actually proven to provide best quality service. Even the background checks are performed to guarantee the safety, convenience, access, value, and security.

The users can professionally experience two apps according to their choice where one app is for customers who want massage and another being for those who want to offer services. Presently the app is only for people in US. It is also enumerated that Breathe offers same-day, on-demand, in-home massage to customers via licensed therapists. They have widely grown to one of the top leading massage on demand services.

Altogether this familiar Breathe brings a five-star, top quality massage experience to your door steps, offering an atmosphere of relaxation and convenience to all passionate customers. It is also enumerated that the independent and experienced professional therapist has been duly trained to guarantee the requirements of the customers based on the massage of their choice.


If you are searching for unique Massage Therapist apps, then I suggest giving Breathe-Home Massage Therapist app developed by Breathe OndemandInca look. The various features that you come across fit the user’s requirements rather well, and are pretty quality.



FOR MORE DETAILS: Breathe On Demand

How to start a career in cyber security

How to start a career in cyber security

For finding career in cyber security, I would rather like to take a breather and not have to worry about solving more career options at the moment there’s plenty of that in so it actually happened to catch my eye a few days ago with Cyber security. Let us find ways how to start a career in cyber security.

They are attractive career for ambitious people and quality way to make the world a better place. If you adore a career in cyber security, don’t wait. You don’t require being of specific age or gender. Also you don’t require any particular approval or certification or study place to get going.

It is illustrated that most of the jobs in cyber security are highly technical, but there are some which are not technical at all. The area of cyber security requires people with leadership skills & talent, and business understanding. The truly hard challenges in cyber security relate to leadership of and collaboration between people. In addition it is on the most strategic level, cyber security is risk management. More importantly one can become zeal about categories like given below

  • network security
  • endpoint protection
  • application security
  • mobile security
  • cryptography
  • authentication
  • threat intelligence
  • identity & access management
  • phishing and social hacking

Also you can work with products or services, for a vendor or a customer, in a commercial firm or the relevant public sector, in quality operational roles or in absolute leadership, with known technologies or new ones under development. It is also possible to become a consultant or an instructor.

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Baby Panda’s Supermarket

Baby Panda’s Supermarket

Mommy Panda and Kiki Panda have a day of shopping ahead of them. Help them to do shopping in the Baby Panda’s Supermarket. The two pandas need to shop for their much awaited summer vacation holiday and need to buy ice-cold drinks, birthday cake, toys, watermelon, fishes, candies and many other items. Help Baby panda take a shopping kart and find things from the list Mommy panda has asked Kiki to buy.

How the app works:

There are many activities you can indulge in as you play the game. You can dress up Baby panda in the dress department of the store in the cutest summer costumes you can find. You can put on makeup on the Baby panda’s face and watch the funny reactions of the other customers. As you buy the birthday cakes, you can decorate the cakes as you wish with your desired toppings and frosting. You can try out the delicious hamburgers by slicing sausages, pour salad and then take a bite out of the scrumptious hamburger. This app is a nice way to teach kids to learn. It gives new words, new ideas and new concepts to learn. This game is educational as it is fun. The theme is filled with vibrant colours that make it an attractive appeal for young kids. After shopping, you can weigh the goods, scan and calculate the total amount for the items you have purchased and learn fast and easy math.

Features of the app:

  • There are over 10 supermarkets for you to explore about with Kiki.
  • Use the shopping list that makes it easy for you to discover this place.
  • Try on various cosmetics like eye shadow, lip stick, gloss and many more.
  • By helping the pandas, win exciting prizes during the lucky draw.
  • Have fun while also learning

Compatible with: