App Development: A Beginner’s Guide

App Development: A Beginner’s Guide

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Want to be an app developer today? Or maybe you’re still wondering if learning about app development is really worth it. Creating an app can actually be pretty easy and ultimately be a great success for you and your potential business. Mobile marketing is now taking over the business world and it is all the more important to get your business and message out to potential customers. Everybody has a phone in their pocket. Making or developing an app or website can seem pretty daunting. But, you actually do not even really need to be a software developer to do so. Here is why.

Easy Access to the World

One great reason to learn to develop an app is that offers you direct access to the billions of people around the globe who use this amazing mobile operating system. By getting started with Android development you will get a very real feel for the amount of demand there is out there for these types of apps and how you can tap into it.

The Basics

When learning how to make an app, you’re going to learn a number of different techniques. You can start by working on one or two basic applications first. You can then build upon that knowledge and branch out into more complex projects as you gain experience. You should always remember that the more you learn, the better you’re going to be at your new job.

Another advantage of learning development is the sheer number of different tools that are available today. For example, if you want to create your own widgets and skins for your application you can easily do so. In addition, if you’re looking for different ways to use Google’s core platform you can find everything you need in the Google Play store. This can save you countless hours of searching through different platforms and help you learn at the same time.


Learning how to develop Android apps is an excellent idea for anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Not only will you be able to tap into a massive market but you will also have a huge amount of tools at your disposal.

Once you have your own business, you’ll know what to do and where to go for help. If you learn to develop Android apps properly, you can also use these resources for other things such as creating additional marketing campaigns.

With the rapid evolution of the smartphone, mobile apps are also becoming more popular. For this reason, if you’ve been looking for a way to generate revenue, you should definitely look into creating and marketing your own app. These apps are easy to launch and can generate a lot of free traffic.

Of course, one of the best ways to start your own business is by creating your own application. You can then add your own personal touch and become the creator of your own product that is unique and will appeal to people. If you can design and write unique and compelling content, you can be one of the most sought-after app developers in the future.

Easy to Create and Quite Affordable

There are many mobile developers out there who offer their services for a very low price. By learning more about how the software works and developing your own, you can save money while increasing your chances of success.

As long as you keep an open mind, you’ll be able to develop a new, unique, and profitable app that can become very successful. If you need more information, you can always try searching the internet or finding a reliable source that offers information to you.

If you need to learn to make money as quickly as possible, you can try to make money by writing reviews for apps. If you are able to sell your own app and gain more exposure, you can turn it into a lucrative business.

As you can see, being an entrepreneur can be both rewarding and highly successful. Once you begin learning how to create an application, you can build a successful business that will last for years to come.

Is Your Brand Getting Influencer Marketing Negative?

Is Your Brand Getting Influencer Marketing Negative?

It is experienced that Influencers could be a powerful tool in a marketer’s key toolbox, but they should remember that this is about only relationship building. It is also vital to actively involve influencers in your brand, get them passionate, and to not immensely treat them as just major execution point. Also at the same time, don’t allow them take advantage of you, which is why it is so crucial to plan up front how original or authentic they are about your popular brand and have vivid specific contract.

It is good to practice that setting specific goals, measurements, and contracts. Also decide effectively if you want influencer management done in-house or out-sourced. It is better to find authentic matches and use passionate relationships. Finally develop a strategy that will maximize ROI.


Your firm hires experts in App marketing, advertising, PR, digital, etc. Also you must also hire someone that knows influencers efficiently. Primarily this could be in-house or agency side. Thereby managing influencer programs in-house assists to maintain more control of the brand and the fame campaigns if influencers are vital pillar of your marketing strategy.

Find Authentic Match

The organizations must compare their Brand Value Proposition and Buyer Personas and actively search authentic matches. The customers would discount content from an influencer who seems to be doing it for the money. In addition, marketers should set each influencer’s zeal for the brand and their main desire to work with you. The main key is not to just chase influencers that you actually think are up and coming, but to go after influencers that would assist build well authentic brand.

Best Influencer Strategy

It is instructed that marketers should aim for a mix of influencers that primarily fit the brand/business life stage. There are different levels of influencers given below.

Nano influencers (1-10k followers)

They cost dramatically less to engage this group, since most of them will develop content simply for product samples in return.

Micro influencers (10-50k followers)

They do not have agents which could often try to pull more money from your pockets and they might tend to be more personal.

Mid-tier influencers (50-500k followers)

They include substantial number of followers, but they use many brand partnerships to make money.

Premium/Macro influencers (500k-1m+ followers)

It is regarded to be best used for big, themed or seasonal campaigns.

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Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook

Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook

I still enjoy finding good ones every so often, particularly around latest mobile apps, but Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook app developed by DailyMobApps was too unique to be recommended for all. Since it comes from some quality minds in the app industry, it shouldn’t be a total surprise that this app does not disappoint.

From this popular Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook app the users can simply stay organized both with personal and professional daily routine life. They are simple to use notepad app helps you to take quick notes, todo lists, scan documents. Moreover they can also take notes on thoughts, Ideas, inspiration, information, meetings, agenda, project plans, lecture, travel, story writing, book writing, anything you wish.

Ten Things You Should Make Using From Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook App

Effective Notes organizer

  • It develop notebooks for your various needs
  • You can set notebook cover as image, color or drawing.
  • Copy or Move notes from one notebook to another

Top Notch Notes App

With this app you can take notes with rich text, images, video, audio recording, drawing, paint, PDF or any file attachment, color note, rich text editor options like bold, italic, underline, font color, font background color, strike

Perfect To Do List App

There is all possibility of features like Make to do list, task list, checklist, shopping list, daily work list, rearrange items with drag and drop, mark tasks when complete, add subtasks.

Camera Scanner App

  • You can scan documents, images, photos, receipts, office documents, business documents, books using camera.
  • Possible to extract text from images
  • Create PDF and share

Photo Editor App

You can experience all features like Edit image files, add text, draw on photo, crop photo, add emoji and convert image to pdf. Create art, sketch, drawing, and painting and add to note

Planner App

  • Develop detailed plan for strategy, travel, make agenda, meeting discussion points, career, daily activities, weekend or holiday plan.
  • Easy to develop daily plan and make it habit with execution details by setting daily reminder

PDF Maker App

You can professionally create PDF of Text note, Images, Scan documents and Share with friends, family and colleagues

Reminder App

Come across all possibilities of features like Schedule Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly reminders for to do lists, tasks, birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, bill pay, medicines as per your Calendar schedule

Voice recorder

Actively Record audio, take voice notes from meetings, lecture, conference call, meeting memo


  • You can write about your daily activities, feelings, emotions.
  • Easy to Plan daily and track habits

Important Aspects of Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook App

  • Sync – You can store and keep your notes on Google Drive to avoid loss of notes when device is lost or changed
  • Lock App – The password protect your notes, set password to open and access notes
  • Widgets – Access notebooks and notes from home screen
  • Multi device – Sync your notes and access across devices
  • Shortcuts – Add shortcut to notes, todo list, and scan document on home screen for quick access.

Free Notes App in Daily Life

  • Easy to Capture and take note of ideas, thoughts as and when they strikes
  • Effectively Plan and manage office tasks and house tasks
  • Plan and manage your work, time, schedule with to-do lists
  • You can create list and set reminders for bill pay, goals, medicine, workout plan
  • Plan and set reminders for events like birthday, holidays, travel
  • Create shopping lists, grocery lists
  • Possible to scan documents, bills, receipts, photos
  • Set reminders and track daily workout, exercise, yoga activities, medicine time
  • “Pin to status bar” to stop procrastinate important tasks

Notebook in Professional life

  • Simple to create detail notes of your ideas, inspiration, business
  • Actively Plan your ideas for execution and strategy
  • You can take business meeting notes, record audio for future reference
  • Easy to Create detail schedule, agenda of business meeting
  • Create to-do lists, priorities and maintain work life balance
  • Plan your career milestones like next new skill learning
  • User note daily as your day planner, memo writing, journal writing

Notepad in Education

  • Simple to take lecture notes with rich text, drawing, photo, audio, video, or attach any files
  • You can plan and organise your study, assignments, examination
  • The teachers can create homework study plan and share with students
  • Easy to create notes for various subjects like maths, history, physics and share the PDF with students

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of the regular overload mobile apps and high range of continuing apps from a certain genre level, I find Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook app developed by DailyMobApps to be quality app for all global users.



The study in 1998 showed that mobile raises the level of dopamine in the brain by about 100 percent. Are you also interested to increase your interaction with mobile games? Why don’t you play a constructive game to trigger the natural chemical from the brain? If yes go ahead downloading the insightful release called Royal Tiles from the App Store. Royal Tiles helps to sustain interest and attention, which is why it can be so hard for anyone to tear themselves away from this game. Including a feature in this game is sorting out some way to strategize. The more you play the more you come out as comfortable with the strength of Strategizing things. In fact, this trademark helped me with settling my work issues moreover. It’s self-reinforcing — the more interest we experience, the more dopamine is released, and the more attention we direct to the task at hand. Royal Tiles is a powerful weapon to boosts your mental health and develop social skills too. As a result, your memory gives you a burst of happiness.


  • You start the game off with all players having a player board.
  • There are “factories” that create tiles each round.
  • These “factories” make 4 tiles which you can use to design your wall.
  • When it is your turn you can get tiles from a factory but the catch is that you have to take all the tiles of that color from the specific factory.
  • If for example you want blue tiles and the factory has 3 blue tiles, you have to take all 3. You then have to play the tiles on your board in a row. If you have too many tiles for the row, the tiles remaining “break” and cause your score to be reduced.


  • Choose from different emotes to play with – angry, prophet, sad, servant & more
  • 30 challenging game levels with increasing difficulties
  •  Invite new players on the game
  • Make your own collection of the royal tiles
  • Game Modes – Offline Mode or Multiplayer Mode
  • Multiplayer Game Mode with 2 players, 3 players or 4 players
  • In-game tutorial to learn how to play the royal tiles puzzle
  • Multiple languages supported – English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian, Deutsch
  • Buy coins from the online shop
  • Buy game skins from the game shop
  • Upgrade to get more emotes in the game


  • Each round ends once all the tiles from the factory have been taken.
  • Points are scored horizontally and vertically for rows of the same color tiles.
  • The “factories” are filled randomly each round so you can end up with a great score, minimal score, no score or a negative score in a round depending on what comes up in the “factories” and what color you need.
  • You cannot score points on incomplete rows. When you take your color from a factory, any other color tiles get moved to the middle.
  • If no one takes from the center pile, often the last player ends up having to take tiles from that collection.
  • This can often mean a negative score if there are too many of the same color in the center.
  • Your score is worked out on the columns and rows you have filled with extra points for columns or rows of the same color.


Yes, this is yet another great feature of Royal Tiles. Just refer to your friends and win exciting features as well exclusively for you.

  • If you refer 1 friend you will be getting an Avatar
  • If you refer 3 friends you will be getting a new tile skin set
  • If you refer 5 friends you will be rewarded with some attractive and unique emoticons
  • If you refer 10 friends you will be rewarded with you are going to unlock some unknown features of the game


Royal tiles is a multi-player game structure that made us review all of the past events and minutes we had with each other. Is it exact to say that you are people captivated to know moreover? Here I go downloading the royal tiles play store game from the play store and applause minutes alongside your friends and family. Significantly more because of the specialist for attracting us with something new and remarkable. I’m sure this wonderful conveyance will hit various references and cross accomplishments.

Download :

Start your own cryptocurrency exchange

Start your own cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency is a most disruptive ( may call as most creative) modern day innovation. This innovation is already created an impact on global finance market. The market is redefining itself with use of Blockchain Technology or Cryptocurrency Technology.

Initially the world saw it as just another payment method or another e-money or another e-currency. But the view is changing. The decentralized  nature and audit ability of the cryptocurrency make it more stronger.

Considering the fintech advancement, starting your own cryptocurrency exchange as a business is a good choice. Most web or cloud based business want to start their own cryptocurrency exchange platform.

But starting cryptocurrency exchange is not easy. You need to spend more than 2000 hours in code development.

CryptoEx – a white-label cryptocurrency exchange software aims to solve this. The solution helps the developers to start their own exchange with the ready made exchanger script.

The cryptocurrency exchanger script, supports BTC, LTC, XMR, ETH, Zcash, Dash, Doge and BCH. These cryptocurrencies can also be paired with fiat currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, INR, NGN

The software built on Laravel PHP Framework and VueJS.

Full featured cryptocurrency exchange demo is available. Contact the development team for more details.