Start your own cryptocurrency exchange

Start your own cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency is a most disruptive ( may call as most creative) modern day innovation. This innovation is already created an impact on global finance market. The market is redefining itself with use of Blockchain Technology or Cryptocurrency Technology.

Initially the world saw it as just another payment method or another e-money or another e-currency. But the view is changing. The decentralized  nature and audit ability of the cryptocurrency make it more stronger.

Considering the fintech advancement, starting your own cryptocurrency exchange as a business is a good choice. Most web or cloud based business want to start their own cryptocurrency exchange platform.

But starting cryptocurrency exchange is not easy. You need to spend more than 2000 hours in code development.

CryptoEx – a white-label cryptocurrency exchange software aims to solve this. The solution helps the developers to start their own exchange with the ready made exchanger script.

The cryptocurrency exchanger script, supports BTC, LTC, XMR, ETH, Zcash, Dash, Doge and BCH. These cryptocurrencies can also be paired with fiat currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, INR, NGN

The software built on Laravel PHP Framework and VueJS.

Full featured cryptocurrency exchange demo is available. Contact the development team for more details.

Casino.Com Slots- Real Money Slot Machines At Your Fingertips

Casino.Com Slots- Real Money Slot Machines At Your Fingertips

Who doesn’t crave to have fun enjoying Casino Slots online for real money? Well, every casino lover favors online playing at their fingertips. It takes a lot of time and money to visit a casino in personal and wastes your time too. However, with, you don’t need to bother at all. You can play the slots with your friends or other players anywhere, anytime and whenever you want to. Slots is one of the best casino slots app with real money slot machines built exclusively for your iPhone, iPad as well as the iPod touch. All you need is iOS 8.0 or any later version of the Operating System on your phone.

With, you can play plenty of games for free. As this game is for real money, you need to register to the app and enjoy its ultimate offers. You need to have only one account and you can play the games in many ways.

You will be given a welcome bonus when you join the app and your first deposit will be doubled up to the value of £400. Isn’t it interesting? It’s not over here. Wait, there is something more for you like casino rewards and big bags of cash that you can claim every week. Also, if you visit the PC version of it not only features the great variety of slots this application has, but also many online blackjack games like 21 Duel Blackjack, Casino Hold’em and Blackjack Surrender.

There is something for everyone at, so you will never get bored of it. I’m sure. It contains a traditional flavor of a variety of casino slot games from thrilling Marvel slot games including Iron Man, Spiderman and X-men to casino classics such as Great Blue and Safari Heat. You can challenge your friends or other players from all over the world and beat them to reach the top of the Leaderboard.

This great app has been developed by Mansion (Gibraltar) Limited. is a quick, easy to use and specially built to give you all the benefits more than you get in a real casino. The graphics of this mobile casino game are incredible and has awesome sound effects. You can take a break from your life and relieve all your stress with this amazing app.

If you find something wrong with the app and you need some help with a specific issue, you can contact its customer care. It is available 24/7 to listen to your queries. It is the convenient way to play casino slots online and it’s a safe and secure app. You can always trust, it will not let you down.

So, download Slots today and enjoy your favorite casino games. It is available in the iTunes Store. You can also try the Demo Play feature before you buy!

You must be at least 17 years or above to download this app.

Get paid and play now!


Up to £400 welcome bonus; unbeatable offers; real money casino slots; vivid graphics; amazing sound effects; looks like a real casino; highly addictive; safe and secure platform.


You should know when to stop playing because these games can be addictive.


AnyOption Binary App Review

AnyOption Binary App Review

anyoption_iconAnyOption binary options app is currently one of the best android app that continuously helping their user in binary trading. Binary trading is a financial option in which a payment made to someone is either some fixed relating to money or nothing. This app is a very easy app and user friendly where you will get a fulfillment or satisfying while using on any device.

AnyOption binary options app is consider as a pioneer of the binary options trading assurance that up to 70% benefit from each action of buying or selling you make and also have the opportunity for me to put binary options on Indices, Forex, commodities, and stocks. This Binary options trading app from AnyOption binary app is well optimized,advanced,developed and fits automatically on screen whether you are using android phones or tablets or some other device you have.

This Android app consistently and coherently syncs with the devices and allows the user to trade or exchange in real time from anywhere in the world or anytime. This app got the best user friendly environment and interact with a very friendly and developed program enabling system. As it is an android app , user have get started from the play store.

I created an account on this app and i found a user guide or introduction about how this app works and the services. This user guidance helped me a lot and made it a lot easier to get started with this app. The first work that i had to do was creating a new account and on the first work this app asked by itself to create an account. The user guidance helped a lot in this matter. After creating a registered account in a quick registration process my account was ready to trade.

This app got almost 200 trading assets from around the world. And i was always keep in touched on the fast paced trading of the Binary options by tracking all the real time movements and news. I was always up-to-dated by this app in trading without any kind of failure or disturbance.

This app offer a very good quality experience where the user will be always satisfied.24 hour support will give the user a headway into trading. This innovative trading platform will make the user as a leader of this binary option industry.

Download Anyoption App Binary Options



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Making web applications and destinations for the Versatile Web has its own particular sets of difficulties and procedures. From Mobile UI Framework enhanced for fingers rather than mouse cursors to the transmission capacity restrictions that most convenient individual gadgets have, producing for cell phones obliges an ideal model transformation for those of us who’ve generally made items gone for desktops. To help you quickly send cross-stage versatile applications and sites, there’s an extensive variety of Javascript frameworks you can exploit.



jquery Versatile is simply a client interface Mobile UI Framework — nothing less, nothing more. It uses jquery’s center framework as a necessity, yet most likely doesn’t supplant it. It’s a Mobile UI Framework layer on top of it. Could we store databases with jquery Portable? No, that is not its worry. Could we utilize Node.js or PHP with this framework? No, that is not its worry. Do you have to know jquery to utilize jquery Portable? Nope. jquery Versatile is a framework that conveys Web application encounters to portable and tablet gadgets, for the most part ones with touch interfaces; it is exertion less and multiplatform, and it utilizes just Html5 standard code. That last bit is paramount: to characterize our client interface, we utilize just semantic Html5 code — no Javascript code, no jquery code.

Don’t get me not right. I’m not saying you will never utilize Javascript or jquery as a part of a versatile Web application. Anyhow you are not compelled to unless you need to make normal Javascript practices, for example, occasion taking care of and element substance stacking.

Contrasted with jquery Versatile, other Mobile UI frameworks, (for example, Sencha Touch) have similarity issues that are significantly more perplexing. Each tablet and cell phone on the planet today is underpinned by jquery Portable, including programs, for example, ios, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Blackberry and Symbian and local stages, for example, Apache Cordova (Phonegap).



This compelling and hearty versatile web advancement Mobile UI Framework permits you to utilize your current HTML, CSS and Javascript information to make local like portable applications for ios and Android. As one of the greater portable web advancement Mobile UI Frameworks out there — with in excess of 300 Apis and a dynamic engineer group — you know you’ll regularly discover help and backing from companion engineers. Titanium Portable backings local UI components for ios and Android like table perspectives, tabs, switches and popovers. It additionally has emphasizes that empower you to communicate with the cell phones’ Polaroid and local record stockpiling framework. Just Appcelerator lets designers make rich local applications for each significant portable stage, all from a solitary Javascript code base. What’s more with live prototyping and completely incorporated mechanized testing, fashioners, designers and analyzers can work together to convey extraordinary applications at versatile rate. Sustaining applications the information they need obliges portable streamlined Apis upheld by an adaptable cloud structural engineering. The Appcelerator Stage conveys this through a genuine, venture Mbaas (portable backend-as-an administration) to unleash information for full versatile development.

An excess of associations are flying visually impaired where their portable ventures are concerned. The Appcelerator Stage conveys another type of portable investigation, helping associations to drive return for money invested with ongoing measurements from over the application lifecycle. For most merchant stages, “coordinated” signifies “solid.” Not our own. The Appcelerator Stage is based on open principles, and is completely extensible. For evidence, look no more remote than the Appcelerator Commercial center, which broadens the Stage with commitments from an energetic group of 610,000 designers, Isvs and accomplish.



The-M-Project is an alternate robust Javascript framework that exploits new Html5 characteristics for less demanding and better versatile application improvement. The Mobile UI Framework takes after the prominent model-view-controller (MVC) programming structural planning example, which is a colossal offering point for some engineers. It has disconnected from the net help so that your clients can keep working without a Web association (they can then adjust to the server next time they’re online) and brilliant documentation. The-M-Project is a free mobile Html5 Javascript framework that helps you construct extraordinary versatile applications, simple and quick. This smooth one pager demonstrates its mission and peculiarities behind giving demos and a right to gain entrance to a thorough documentation, systems and designer bunches. The livelinesss were finished with Css3 moves and converts and they were terminated/stopped utilizing Javascript. Utilizing the Javascript library enquire.js for occasions activating. This library recognizes the width of the viewport and give callbacks when a particular width is arrived at. The library skrollr.js was utilized for the scrolling impacts. CSS properties were given at particular statures of the viewport and the library figures the moderate state between particular style characteristics, giving the planned movement. Livelinesss were connected to pictures and HTML pieces.



Jo is a Mobile UI Framework went for engineers chipping away at Html5-able cell phones, for example, those the utilize the ios, webos, Android and Chrome OS stages. It has standard, local like UI components, for example, the web structure gadget for your login screens and the popup gadget that you can use for giving additional data when a client clicks on an interface component. Jo is a Javascript framework for Html5 proficient programs and gadgets. It was initially intended to deal with portable stages as a GUI and light information layer on top of Phonegap. Since its creation, Jo has likewise been tried effectively as a lightweight Mobile UI Framework for versatile programs, more current desktop programs, and even Dashboard gadgets. It’s really simple to expand on your own, yet to receive the most in return you’ll need to get a minifier like jsmin or the YUI Compressor. Minified and gzipped, Jo makes a case around 12k with no other Javascript library dependancies. Since the framework is very reliant on CSS, your mileage may shift crosswise over stages. Specifically, Web Wayfarer before 9 will have constrained beautiful sight and no enlivened moves.

You can additionally totally skin your application with your own particular CSS, or enlarge the fundamental jo CSS to suit your reasons. Since Jo is intended for Html5 applications, I prescribe you create and test your applications with Safari or Chrome before moving to cell phones. Truth be told, this makes the code/test/debug cycle go rapidly.



Embedjs is a Mobile UI Framework for inserted gadgets (which incorporates cellular telephones, Tvs, tablets et cetera). What’s incredible about Embedjs is that it has various forms for particular stages and programs, for example, ios, Firefox, Android, and so on., which means an ideal client experience and less code to serve to your clients. Also on the off chance that you’d jump at the chance to alter your fabricate, the makers give you the Embedjs Construct device.

Embedjs is a Javascript framework for implanted gadgets (cell telephones, Tvs, and so forth.). It takes an alternate methodology than different frameworks by delivery simply the code required for every gadget. That implies, there’s less code heading over the wire, less code spreading at runtime and less memory use. In any case you get what you’d anticipate from a framework: numerous stages — one Programming interface.

Embedjs utilizes a gimmick plugin to choose what usage ought to be utilized for the peculiarity you are needing. Along these lines, what happens in the first illustration above, is that the peculiarity plugin gets brought and gets gave over the gimmick name, ‘async-guarantee’. It then finds the gimmick name in the execution map – and after that two things can happen: if there one usage of the peculiarity, it will stack it. In the event that there are various executions accessible, it will run a test capacity for each of them to choose which one to take. You may need to investigate the usage map for obscure stages (this is the particular case that holds numerous executions and tests) and the one for Android (this is a guide without tests). In these documents you’ll additionally discover the complete arrangement of all at present accessible gimmicks in Embedjs Mobile UI Framework.Embedjs utilizes the idea of peculiarities: Functionalities are part up into gimmicks, as fine-grained as could be expected under the circumstances, and each one gimmick may have numerous executions. The Gimmicks are actualized as AMD perfect modules, so on the off chance that you don’t utilize an instant form, you can utilize a loader like Require js to effectively pull in the peculiarities you requirement for your task – every usage of a given gimmick knows its conditions, so you don’t need to stress over that.this way its super-simple to simply utilize the peculiarities you need as a part of a given venture – no compelling reason to ship code that is never executed.



DHTMLX Touch, a free Html5/Javascript Mobile UI Framework advanced for touchscreen gadgets, presents to you the capability to art excellent versatile web applications rapidly. The DHTMLX Touch UI Originator is a visual editorial manager for building portable client interfaces, and it’ll help you develop first rate Uis with negligible coding. DHTMLX Touch is a free open source Javascript library for building Html5-based portable web applications. It a set of UI gadgets, as well as a complete framework that permits you to make eye-getting, powerful web applications that run on ios, Android, and other versatile stages.

DHTMLX Touch gives an exquisite and straightforward answer for amplify and alter the current usefulness of the library and to include new UI parts. You can join together the current part and usefulness hinders with one another, or with custom code pieces, to make new parts, or expand the current ones.
Worldwide information stockpiling is a propelled and helpful gimmick that permits keeping relations between information components (e.g. arrangement of workers and worker points of interest structure) on the customer side.

This gimmick gives automatical overhaul of information crosswise over UI components without client convergence. Case in point, client changes a worker name in the points of interest structure and gets this name overhauled in the arrangement of workers consequently. Server side of DHTMLX Touch Mobile UI Framework is focused around dhtmlxconnectors (the same that utilized for DHTMLX Ajax library). You can additionally compose your own particular server-side code. Correspondence in the middle of customer and server is based on XML/JSON bundles.



jqtouch is a Javascript plugin which works with either Zepto.js or jquery, and accompanies smooth livelinesss, route, and subjects for portable Webkit programs (as found in ios, Android, Blackberry, and Webos).

jqtouch is a Zepto/jquery plugin which gives a Mobile UI Framework to creating ios and Android applications. It is both open source and allowed to utilize. jqtouch gives a structure on which to base the HTML, most of the application styling, page move livelinesss and touch based occasion taking care of; be that as it may, its not a completely offered application improvement result so this venture utilizes various different innovations fill in the crevices. jqtouch is a plugin for jquery which implies it just improves jquery to construct cell phone applications that help swiping, and the various touch motions. Before you start improvement with jqtouch, I would propose you get settled with jquery. jqtouch applications are not created like normal web applications, where in a list page will be stacked with connections that prompt different pages, and each one page is stacked from the server each time a guest clicks on a connection.

jqtouch accompanies javascript records and css documents with topics. This characterizes the look and feel of the application. You won’t need to worry about the outline as the plugin as of now accompanies predefined styles and illustrations from which you can use as the base and stretch out it further to make your own particular extraordinary looks. There are two subjects that accompany the plugin: fruit topic and jqt subject. Much the same as the name intimates, the fruit subject looks and feels like local iphone OS applications.



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In the emerging 2014 scenario, it is no longer necessary to take the help of app developers who are expensive. Now it has become very easy to develop apps for business purposes for which many platforms are available online. With the advent of DIY – do-it-yourself, there is no need to have any technical knowledge for building the app. These platforms enable app creators connect with potential clients from their mobile handsets.



Previously called Conduit Mobile helps a business to make apps, market them and manage the mobile apps. The Como Console is the redesigned version of the development platform. Through this members can create apps which have a professional look and feel through the use of a collection of varying thematic presentations with variations of colors, the icons, layout templates with a diversity of styles including backgrounds. Customers have the facility to make payments for their purchases through the MyCheck payment gateway. Customers can track their order delivery status via Bringg. In addition to being a DIY platform help and guidance is provided for the aspects of app distribution and app management. The company’s Marketing Genie tool guides on promotion of the app both online and offline. Ad campaigns launched through Facebook and also promotion through physical store points by using QR Codification, window stickers and certificates and also through printed materials. There is also a Management Dashboard through which user activities viz., customer order, reservations, delivery tracking, distribution of coupons and loyalty benefits can be monitored and also the performance checks can be carried out.

The created apps are compliant with most mobile phone models and also Kindle devices. Through a recent partnership signed Amazon it has become possible to sell the apps through the Amazon App store.

Paid Plans : Up to five free apps can be developed free of charge. The premium user has to pay $33 per month as to begin with and for this app with rich features can be developed



The Mobincube App Builder is a complete mobile generators platform, applications given the degree of customization permitted. It gives a complete range of support service detailed step by step for beginners in programming, and furnishes a very good gallery of pre-designed templates for different types of content.

In terms of graphics and visual editing interface provides a greater degree of freedom in deciding the brand image of the application. Regarding integration of functionality in the application, it is quite intuitive and practical and offers the ability to export the project to major mobile platforms like the iOS or the Android, the HTML5, BlackBerry or the Windows Phone.

The Mobincube App Builder has customized plans that vary depending on the features to be incorporated in the application. It also has interesting revenue generating models which allow the easy integration of ads in the application for generating some money.

The startup plan is free at $ 0, there is a Home Plan for $ 39 year/App and also a Pro Plan which is priced at $ 249 year/App



The BlackBerry App Building platform can be used to create app in a simple and intuitive way. Like the other support services, BlackBerry App Generator enables the user to create applications for various versions of the BlackBerry OS even without any previous knowledge of the intricacies of programming.

An interesting tool for users, then focused on content creation platform as it uses an RSS feed from the web page for support and for automatic creation of the app. After the information is captured the need is only for customizing the interface to the user preferences, which can include the icons, the banners and any other element. The application has limited edition graphics and visual application which results in a more or less standard image and permits anyone without any programming knowledge to create their own application for the BlackBerry at no charge.



This is an app creator and also a publisher, which enables the user to make native Android apps, and also HTML5 apps for iOS, Windows Phones and devices with BlackBerry. It has a dedicated team of application developers who makes sure that the best app possible for the business is created.

To create an app a 3-step processing needs to be is to be followed. Firstly a selection from of the list of 37 app types is to be made like general business or online business, a restaurant, or a salon, and similar other categories. The second involves building the app and including features like menus, pages, multimedia, some forms, some relevant social networking links and some other content. The apps can be previewed during the development process and suitable edited whenever the need arises. Finally the app is submitted for publishing. The dedicated teams of developers conduct a review and make necessary enhanced features so that the app store quality parameters are fulfilled.

Appsbar also helps the businesses ways and means of promoting apps developed by them. . Once the app has been published, it can be shared through social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and similar others. Appsbar also provides a free marketplace named appcatch which functions in the same way as an apple app store.

This is a totally free application and users have the freedom for creating and publishing their DIY applications.



This is a very popular mobile app-builder platform and has tools which are being used globally. It has drag-and-drop facilities in its platform and this makes it easier to create mobile apps for almost every major platform like the Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. There is the facility to automatically publish the app in the respective app store, and also the platforms dedicated marketplace which is free to use.

Appy Pie apps enable a business user a full set of unique features which enables them to stay connected with their customers. Users of this platform can use push notifications, share through the social media and by integrating their blogs. There are also photo galleries, and sharing capabilities. Many business tools are there like a scheduler for making appointments; tools like the GrubHub, OpenTable, and a Menu building tool; there also options for passbook coupons; tracking of deliveries through GPS a one touch call facility, a QR coding facility and the facility to integrate with a website.

Appy Pie gives has many tools for the management of apps so that customer feedback on performance can be used to make real time changes to the app.

Appy Pie has a free, basic, gold and platinum plan priced at $0, $7, $19 and $33 a month respectively. The platinum plan offers many unlimited features. Every plan offers a mobile website absolutely free of charge and all paid plans have the advantage of getting customer support facilities



This is also is a browser-based platform with an app builder through a drag-and-drop utility which helps the users to build customized, very superior-quality apps for android, iOS, and the HTML5.

Because there is no reliance on the use of templates the platform helps the user to make customized and apps which are rich in feature in the native and HTML5. The features of location-based services and push notifications together with live streaming and a number of integrations to the social media network beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The platform also has the facility to store text, audio, video and texts which are used in the app as it is integrated with the Cloud CMS and also a Data Manager which works with different kinds of data sources which include RSS and also XML.

There is a User Manager for where administrators can give permissions to various users so that they can manage the different features of the application. An Analytics tool enables the platforms own analytics to become integrated the analytics of Omniture, or Google.

EachScape offers a free trial to get started.



This is a cost-efficient way to create a professional, looking and full-featured app either all alone or using some help from designers. With AppMachine, businesses can build free apps and only pay after the publishing of the app.

Using this platform the business gets a choice for implementing either standard or apps with advanced features. Standard features have things like activities, videos, photos music, social network linkages, contact info, analytic tools and more. Advanced features have an online store with customized coding and with Web services to facilitate the connections with data sources of an external nature.

The services start at $499 per published app. As the app is built, additional features which are added are leveraged into the cost of the service so that whether a feature is within the budget can be verified before publishing.



This app building platform is suitable for practically any kind of business, ranging from nonprofits to restaurants and bands or sports activities and real estate and also extends its coverage to religious organizations.

The platform has been developed from the basics and upwards, keeping in mind the needs of the small businessman. Bizness Apps has a system for content management which is user friendly so that the user companies to build customized apps for the iPad, Android, iPhone, and for mobile Web applications.

Even though individual apps can be created using customized design concepts, there is a wide range of designing templates which are customizable. There are features like push notifications, GPS tools, content sharing abilities, social media linkages, and shopping carts for mobile shopping activities, mobile booking and reservations and ordering of food the mobile. There is also custom built email forms for surveys and contact and mailing lists and more. A preview feature shows the features of the demo apps online or also these features can be viewed from mobile devices.

Bizness Apps also has a diversity of handy in-app integrations with existing business apps. For instance, you contacts can be imported into an email marketing service module like MyEmma or MailChimp, and others.

Bizness Apps are priced at $29 per month for mobile websites, or $59 per month for the native and the mobile applications.