BBF iOS App Review

BBF iOS App Review

Burp, Belch, and Fart (BFF) is a new and exciting iOS memory game with interesting features to enjoy with friends or during your free time. The game was released on August 22nd, 2017 by Pure Fursion Media, Inc.

BBF is a memory game in which players can click on some colored buttons in a particular sequence to animate some characters. Each colored button represents a specific action that the character reacts to. It has several actions to play around with including snorting, farting, belching, sneezing and burping.

The game features six different characters to add more fun it. Characters include “Dejon,” a fresh looking and hip guy, “Selfie Sasha,” who loves taking selfies, “Backyard Bob,” who looks sickly yet funny, “Dylan,” the cool surfer, “Sammy” the fun blue shark and finally “Jonsey the alien” with one giant eye. Bonus points are available for quick players as you move from one level to the other. Higher levels tend to be more difficult although exciting and longer. By reaching level 8, you get an extra life to help you continue enjoying the game.

The first thing you will notice is the colorful feature it has incorporated; I especially love colorful buttons that contain the sound effects. Each button has its color to differentiate between them. The characters are also colorful and have a great background for each character.

The gameplay is quite easy, just press the beeping button, and the resultant sound effect will be heard. To add more fun to it, the developers have added background sounds reacting to each button’s effect. For example, if a character farts, you’ll hear some noises complaining. This is a feature that makes the game more lively and a fun game to play with friends. I
especially loved playing with “Selfie Sasha.” She seems the serious and no-nonsense type until you press the fart button, isn’t she gassy that girl.

There are a series of videos on each character uploaded on YouTube with their corresponding effects during the gameplay. If you are having a hard time playing the game or you just need to watch the videos, you can subscribe to the game’s dedicated YouTube page and learn more about the game.


• Easy to play

• The game is suitable for all ages

• Unlimited levels for an extensive playing time

• Playing the game helps improve memory

• Produces funny sounds that will entertain you and your friends

• Challenging as you increase levels

• Fun to play


• Can be annoying to some people

• Boring after some times

• Not challenging enough

• Not enjoyable on mute as the sound effects make it fun

There are several similar apps in the apple store with different gameplay, but this has been made unique. Making people produces sounds with a touch of a button is rather funny and enjoyable, the developers have also animated the characters adding to the fun. Including many levels will also increase its popularity since people love a challenge. Be sure to get entertained with the hilarious catch phrases from the game. The game can be found on apple store and is only
70mbs big. Get laughing with the Burp, Belch and Fart game and train your brain…. One fart at a time!

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It becomes a very awkward situation when you try to hide a message while sending it to someone if another person is sitting adjacent to you. They become more curious to know the text and its really very bad. No one has the right to interfere in anyone’s personal life. So to prevent transparency of those messages, I have an amazing offer for you which you have never seen before, I’m sure! It’s called Pronto, which enables you to send text messages, photos and videos in a secure way.


Pronto is the number 1 secure messenger app on the market. The unique thing about this app is that it allows you to create and send disappearing messages to anyone on any messaging app. Whether it’s Whatsapp, Facebook, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Slack or any other social media app, Pronto lets you securely send photos, videos or texts using any of these apps. The recipient don’t even need to download the same app to see your message. Isn’t it interesting?


Usually, the messages are stored on the phones or in the cloud with a normal text messaging app. However, Pronto prevents this feature and don’t even allow to take a screenshot of the message if someone tries it and the recipient can’t save the message even after reading it. So, don’t get worried your message won’t be passed anywhere.


The app has been developed by RXN, LLC under the Social Networking category and is updated on May 5, this year. This app requires iOS 9.3 or any later version of the Operating System and it’s compatible with your iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch.To send a message, simply type it and choose how quickly you’d like the message to self destruct. Whether you’re sharing your personal photos, messages, romance, political, medical, legal or financial, it allows you to safely send them through the app. Especially for the medical staff, Pronto allows you to securely exchange patient information because it’s Compliant.

The app is totally safe and secure and prevents data from being misused. Only the recipient can read the message because they are encrypted. Even the recipients can’t forward, copy, or save your message, it’s just because of Pronto’s patented Screenshot Prevention Mechanism!

The graphics of the app are pretty cool and it’s an easy to use app. You can enjoy the other benefits of Pronto such as you can write and draw something on your pictures and send them, just for fun!

Overall, Pronto is a great app to use. This new version of Pronto has made few changes to improve the user experience. Hats off to the makers of Pronto! They have developed an amazing app which is worth every penny!

So, wanna send safe and secure text and much more,? Download Pronto today! Confide secret messages, photo and videos via Pronto!

Pros: secure messaging app; link it with any messaging app; allow to create disappearing messages; messages are safe and encrypted; send photos, videos or text quickly; free.

Cons: none.

Visit Developers site.

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Infinite Music iPhone App Review

Infinite Music iPhone App Review

Infinite Music is the mobile application that has changed the way users listen to their favorite songs. This free IOS application allows users to listen to different mashups and remixes created with the playlists on their iPhones or iPads, theses remixes are generated and based on the activity the user is performing while using the App. The App is accurate when detecting the activity, the user is performing when using the App (resting, walking, running, cycling, or driving); moreover, Infinite Music also allows users to compose their own mashups which is an attractive feature for users that prefer to customize and turn their playlist into a single song based on user preferences. Infinite music allows users to play music attached to an email, stored on Dropbox, I Cloud Drive or simply stored in the Itunes Library, giving the user the accessibility to enjoy the app no matter where the music is stored in their devices; However, Infinite Music is not yet compatible with streaming platforms such as Spottily or IHeartRadio because they do not allow access to audio of the streamed songs.

Furthermore, the App can be pair to the Philips HUE lamps, which Synchronizes lighting to the rhythm of the remixes played by the Infinite Music app, creating a joyful environment for those who enjoy house parties or a “get together” with friends; Unfortunately, the app cannot be pair to other synchronized lighting device.

As it has been said, the features of this App change the monotonous of the user playlists making them perfect for a high intensity and workout or a slow walk in the park; Sadly, this App can only be downloaded by Ipod Touch, Iphone and Ipad users, which is a disadvantage for Android user since this software has not been developed for that operating system. On the other hand, it can be complex for first users to learn how to use the App since there are no tutorials to teach them how to use and take advantage of all the features the software offers. It would be a nice improvement to improve the user experience by providing a glimpse of how to use the app and its many features since the design of the app can be difficult to understand for many users.

For IOS users, I strongly recommend giving a try of the app if you are tired of listening to the same playlists every single day; Also, if you love customizing what you listen based on your daily activities, Infinite music gives you the possibility to listen to your old playlists with the twist you want. I would also recommend it for active people looking to boost their morning running’s by listening to unique remixes and mashups or also for those who find it boring walking their dogs alone in the park. Infinite Music matches perfectly your songs to your pace without paying a cent. Infinite Music will just make your daily routines more fun.

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MyPostcard iOS App Review

MyPostcard iOS App Review

My postcard and greeting cards are apps designed for both Iphone and Ipad users all over the world.The app is sold by GmbH  in Berlin and its size is72.9MB.The app enables the user to create and share real postcards and greetings cards in the form of photos using his or her device. The postcards and greetings card can be shared by other users all over the world who possess I phones, I pads or iPod touch.Though this app,individuals can create personal cards according to their tastes and preferences via the tablet or other compatible devices.The app company has worked tirelessly to ensure that its customers get different templates for various occasions for example birthday cards, wedding invitations, congratulatory notes valentines day cards and Christmas cards among others.Therefore the app is always compatible with every person in every season of the year


How it works

For one to create his or her real printed postcard or greeting card the following procedures are followed;

The device user selects his or her post card style

The user uploads desired photos for the gallery or other apps like Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook

User selects the desired type of frame from the offered varieties

One then enters the greeting message or the information he or she wishes to convey

The sender then keys in the name and email address of the recipient and finally makes payment.This automatically assures him that the card will be prepared and sent to the addressee. When the receiver gets the card, the sender’s device always receives an electronic delivery note.Similarly, the device owner can make different temperates cards and prints as the app offers a variety of styles for making cards thus one is not limited to the number of cards to create and share.


Merits of using postcard and greeting cards app

ü It saves time as one does not have to visit a store to buy the cards and letter the post office to drop it for transportation

ü The cost of sending the cards using the app is relatively cheaper compared to the amount of money one could use to prepare the old format cards.

ü My postcard and greetings card is easy to use, attractive,lovely and a quicker way of reconnecting with distant relatives.

ü The customer is assured of quick delivery, and thus one can use it to send fast messages.

ü One is assured of delivery as the company refunds the client’s money paid for cards that have failed to be delivered

Demerits of My postcard and greetings card app

ü The app is only limited to a few people since it can only be accessed via tablets, I pads, I phones and Ipad touch.

ü The app is limited to individuals who are conversant with modern technology.

In summation, the app those with some demerits has become a channel of reconnection. Unlike letters which take a lot of time before delivery, the app ensures that family and friend are connected to each other.My postcard and greetings card app is just the link for distance relations among all people.However, the company should work on incorporating the app in all smartphones so as to ensure all people fit in and enjoy its benefits.

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Camera RX iPhone App Review

Camera RX iPhone App Review

The Camera RX iPhone app is a convenient and multi-functional app that really enhances the iPhone camera’s capabilities. The app is easy-to-use and makes snapping the perfect photo an effortless experience. The app comes equipped with image correction and filtering capabilities, which saves you from having to download a second app for editing. It also allows for manual adjustment of multiple functions such as focus, exposure, and white balance. This is a nice feature as the iPhone’s stock camera has limited capabilities.


This app would come in handy for users who have shaky hands as it also has an anti-shake correction feature, which I found to really help with blurry images. Another interesting feature is the Exif functionality, which allows for geolocating and geotagging of photos. You even have the option of adding copyright information directly into your photo’s Exif metadata, a helpful tool for professional photographers!

Another great feature is the tap-anywhere operation. You literally tap anywhere on the screen to snap your photo, which means no more accidentally pressing the shutter button at the wrong time. This feature really makes snapping photos more comfortable because you don’t need to be continuously avoiding the shutter button. The camera operates silently so there’s no need to worry about loud shutter sounds while taking discreet photos, or photos of nature.


The app is rather lightweight considering the range of features, with a total size of only 21.5 MB, it doesn’t take up too much storage space. You do need to own either an iPhone, iPad, or an iPod touch running iOS 10.2, or better. This doesn’t pose a problem since I installed the app on my iPhone 5 with no problems at all.


    • Manual adjustment of all functions, including focus
    • Anti-shake correction
    • Grid display
    • Allows both landscape and portrait photos
    • No shutter sound
    • Great enhancement for the iPhone’s stock camera
    • Takes clear, high definition photos


    • Price, $3.99 for app purchase

Final Verdict

Generally speaking, this app offers a big upgrade to the iPhones stock camera. It gives the user way more control over functionality and makes it a breeze to take clear high-quality photos. You can edit and enhance photos from within the app, which saves on having to download multiple apps for this purpose. I have not experienced any glitches or app crashes while using and it never delays image capturing when I take a photo. The app doesn’t take up too much space on my iPhone and it has completely replaced my built in camera. Since I downloaded this app I have even started looking into amateur photography as I’ve discovered how much I enjoy snapping beautiful images of nature. I never have to worry about poor lighting because the apps built in exposure correction and white balancing lets me adjust the image later. I have found that this app has really made my photos that much better and I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to take great photos! The only thing that I’m not crazy about is the price, $3.99 to purchase. But I guess it’s worth it to take such great photos.

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