Live football is one of the most popular applications that will allow you to watch your favorite team on your phone wherever you are. Thanks to this app, you can find all the fixtures, results and information about your favorite team that you need in a few simple steps. This application is free to download and it is also quite user-friendly. You will be able to see all the fixtures, tables and results that you want and you can also watch the goal videos from your phone. Live football application makes it possible for you to see the results, player stats, fixtures and tables from over 1000 football leagues in the world.


For starters, you should know that:

• Live football is free to use

• It is very fast in its work

• It will allow you to customize the sound for all notifications

• It will allow you to watch videos of goals

• It is very simple to use and it contains enormous database

The strength of this app lies in its extremely large database. This app will allow you to know everything about any football team. You will be able to see a team’s results and fixtures. More importantly, you will be able to see every player’s achievements, from how many goals he scored to how many times he was substituted. You can also take a look at the past fixtures and the games that you have missed. Simply put, you will have all the necessary information that you need about teams, players, and competitions at your disposal.


When it comes to football matches, you will be amazed how fast this application works. You will be able to watch the game statistics live without any interruptions. The amount of information processed for such short time is amazing. You will be able to see the statistics of all the players on the pitch. You will be able to keep track of goals, assists, yellow and red cards, corners, throw-ins, substitutes and all other information about the coaches, teams, and players that you need. Like we have mentioned before, you will be even able to watch the videos of goals on your phone. Live football is an application that provides unique football experience. It is free, fast, resourceful in information and easy to use.

Live football also includes paid version that contains no ads.

With this application by your side, you can watch Champions league and UEFA league matches statistics live, you can watch all the international football competitions and you can also keep track of all your favorite teams and players. You will be notified every time your favorite team scores a goal. You can even access live comments about all of these games. All it takes is one click and you will have all the information about football that you need. Live football database is always updated with fresh information so you will be always up to date with newest result, transfers, stats and team standings

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TSC Music, The New Way to Listen

TSC Music, The New Way to Listen

A new addition to the app store, the arrival of TSC music could be ground-breaking. An app created by Earlogic Corporation, it has taken the app market by storm, and is compatible for various different languages such as English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish to name a few.

In a recent report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), over one billion young adults suffer from a risk of hearing loss, and for that reason Earlogic have created the free app to provide the optimal, and safest listening experience.


Extremely well researched technology has led to the creation of the TSC app. It creates a way to play your music but different than ever before. The designers have created a way to allow both the left and right ear to hear in perfect pitch. Due to the fact that each ear has a unique hearing based on equalisation and balance, this is a highly unique app that has never been attempted before. With the TSC app you never need to worry about your hearing becoming compromised, either in the near, or long time future.

The app records various sets of data, which allows the listener to see the decibel level with a interactive graphical chart. This will also show the best and worst levels for each particular ear. The app can also be integrated with Youtube and Soundcloud, allowing you to use the app with billions of videos and musical items from across the internet.

The highly educated and professional team at Earlogic Corporation led by Sam Kwak and Ji H. Won have included a number of features that will include advanced hearing testing, customized sound algorithms, hearing capacity enhancement, hearing loss prevention and hearing condition monitoring. In an age where more and more people live with earphones in their ears the majority of the day, this design is not only fun, it is also imperative for our health.


In a study by over 100,000 desktop users, the app was approved by the University of Stanford. This has given the app a sense of legitimacy in the technical world.

So how does the app work? Once the user has downloaded the application, the user is requested to perform a hearing test in a multitude of differing frequencies. The app will save the customised hearing data, which allows the perfect setting for equalisation, balance, bass and other musical tones. Frequency is perhaps the most important factor to be monitored, as when a person ages, they lose the ability to hear certain frequencies, a fact that can be dangerous. The app will also alert you to dangerous levels and optimum volumes for each ear.


· The ability to safely eliminate the risk of hearing and ear drum damage

· Ability to use with billions of musical items, due to its compatibility with various music platforms

· Tried and tested by an Ivy League University board.

· Smart, clear design


· Must have iOS 9.0 or later version

· Multiple adds appear on the app

· Not available on Android systems

· Not compatible with all music platforms

Final Verdict  

There can be no doubt of the apps usefulness. It is not only useful but will help millions, if not billions of people hear better and safer. While there are ways of improving the app, for example making it compatible with android devices, the creators have made a tech gem.

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Gaming is more interesting in someone life could it a kid, teen or even an older person. It makes someone to be stress-free, relax and enlarge your thinking capacity as a player. Players around the world are looking for new games which are more complicated than the one they do have. Hard games make the players be creative, innovative and active on how to beat the game. This need by the players has made Kaleidospace come up with a unique game called ROLLROLLROLL. This game application is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of this year 2017. This information found on their website has made players be more agitated waiting with zeal and anxiety to test the feeling of playing the game.

The uniqueness of the game include the following feature; age limit is not a factor, it has a unique playing method, seven unique stages, the incorporation of physics into the game makes it unique, it has updating option and finally difficult to reach other level but easy to learn.

• Age limit; a lot of games do consider kids and teens because they are one who plays the game more frequently but on this app any person can play, a kid, teen, middle aged person and older one can play the game. Such a quality of involving everybody makes it one of the apps highly waited in the world especially the European market.

• Playing method; rotation, matching the blocks and finally fitting and pulling the blocks is a unique method a game should be played. Most of the games do not involve blocks instead they use reality animation which it has become monotonous. Older age cannot play a game made of animation they see it as childish and they refrain from has the ability to zoom for a better view of the game.

• Stages of playing; it has seven stages of playing. Stage one is easy to play but difficult to reach to progress into other stages.

• Involvement of physics; players available in the market usually play a game which does not involve physics. Since this app has incorporated physics in makes it unique on its own.

• Updating; during updating of the game, other features do add themselves into the game which includes teleportation from one place to another, water, elevators and gimmicks. The new additional feature makes the game enjoyable.

• Learning the game. It is easier to learn the game but when progressing it gets harder as the level goes up. This property makes the player want to know how to beat the harder levels. Sticking to the game makes them addicted to it.

All the above features make the app different and highly waited for its release by the European market. Other features such attaching an icon and also attachment of a screenshot makes the game application great. We as the gaming people, spending most the time in gaming looks forward to having the game and enjoy the feeling

Zombie Sweeper iOS App Review

Zombie Sweeper iOS App Review

Zombie Sweeper is an upcoming puzzle game that is coming out for iOS devices in 2017. The game features unique puzzle mechanics that have never been seen before in mobile games. It’s a lot like Minesweeper, the game developed by Microsoft which came included with Windows XP.

The similarities end there, though. Zombie Sweeper is a much more fun game with over 250 levels. The levels progress in difficulty and continue providing a challenge. There are 40 different Zombie types. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses which must be kept in mind to overcome them effectively. There are also 9 bosses which must be defeated to complete the game. While it’s a puzzle game at its core, the game is full of action packed sequences that make it more entertaining and satisfying to play.

Zombie Sweeper is easy to understand and start playing immediately. A short tutorial sequence explains the game’s concepts and mechanics adequately. While it may seem like the game is a bit too simple and will grow boring over time, the variety of enemy types and increasing difficulty level are sure to keep you hooked. Zombie Sweeper is a fun game which you won’t be able to put down after starting. As the game is divided into separate stages, it’s perfect for playing in quick bursts while waiting in line or commuting in the subway, for example. It’s a simple game which you can play and enjoy at your own pace. Its laid back gameplay makes the game perfect for playing when you want to relax and relieve stress.

The game also has a multiplayer mode where you can compete with your friends or people from around the world. It increases the value and replayability of the game and adds a competitive element to it. Players will also have the ability to share their high scores and view their rank.

Zombie Sweeper has an interesting story that is told through movie quality cut-scenes. The zombie outbreak in the game is triggered when Kent, a subject of a secret bio-weapon experiment conducted by the military, escapes from the facility. In response, the government creates the Undead Special Task Force or USTF. As USTF’s commanding officer, your mission is to capture and bring back Kent alive. Along the way, you’ll uncover many secrets that’ll make you question the government’s motive.

The game is a product of Arc Game Studio. It’s basically a one-man team that’s made every aspect of the game from the art to the levels. It’s quite amazing that a game which looks as promising as Zombie Sweeper was made by a single person working tirelessly for days on end.

In conclusion, Zombie Sweeper is a unique game which brings some new and exciting concepts and gameplay to the puzzle genre. It’s certainly set to bring some innovation back into the field of Zombie games. It’s also quite commendable that a single independent developer could make a game of such quality that is fun to play. Arc Studios debut game is sure to find several casual players and could even go on to be one of the most popular games on the AppStore. The game is set to release in August or September of 2017.



Gaming is something more interesting in someone life could it a kid, teen or even an older person. It makes someone to be relax, relief you from your stress and create enjoyment while playing. This made the HappyRabbitShow to come with one of gaming application called Happy and Smile game city. It is one of the interesting game which is going to be released later in 2017. It is one of the anticipated gaming app which has create a lot of zeal by the players for its release due to its unique feature it has.

Its unique features of the game are; using the card system, minimal time in defeating the enemies, your position can strategized and finally the game cannot use any internet as well as wifi in order to finish the game.


The fact that the game is using the card system is unique on itself. This is because you can build you card system by collecting your cards as you play with your enemies. Once it has reached the required amount or you’re piled enough cards your profile information is upgraded from armature to a professional player. This comes as a results of playing the game frequently and getting used to it.


Building the card system cannot be done if your enemies are not defeated. One thing about this game is that defeating your enemies requires just a minimal time as four to five minutes. Once the enemies are defeated, other enemies are keeping coming but it easier to defeat them, therefore building your profile easier than any game.


Strategizing the position is also another thing. The position around the game can also make you win or lose the game. Since you can hide and defend yourself from the enemies constant fighting.


A lot of game require internet and Wi-Fi in order to play. One thing which is more interesting about the app is that it does not require any of these. Once installed, the application is ready to be played from anywhere, anyplace and during your convenient time as long you connect to the charging system.

All of the uniqueness of the game makes the game to be anticipated by all the players who wants to play the game and also the company which requires the users to acquire them and give more feedback on how interesting the game is and also to have a positive mind to continue developing more top notch gaming application which it can make their customers more happy and enjoy their product.

The animation quality of the game is more fun and also enjoyable to the users and makes them addicted to their screen playing the game. No matter what gender you are, the age group you belong and what language you talk this game fits you. Be the look out to acquire the game and experience it.