Cross One Puzzle – Review

Cross One Puzzle – Review

A new and exciting way to spend your leisure time has been brought to you by cross one puzzle. The game is easy to learn with simple levels that progress to more difficult levels once you solve your puzzles correctly. It has no time limit and you can replay your puzzles as many times as you wish giving you up to 3 star ratings.


The number stack puzzle has up to over 540 levels which becomes more difficult as you progress making it more fun. If you make a wrong tap you get to restart the level. However to avoid the wrong moves the game offers you hints that guide you on where to tap next. You can undo moves to avoid restarting the game. However, you have limited moves which you might prefer preserving so you can use once you reach the most difficult levels.1

User interface

The puzzle game is made in a way that it can be played without internet connections and with any android device. It is easy to learn and designed with simple graphics with different color themes you can choose from. With automatic dashboard color theme changes, you don’t get bored with one color throughout the game. There are many levels in the game ranging from simple (Rookie levels) to more difficult (God levels). You unlock the next level when you successfully finish one level with 3 star ratings. The game has beautiful soundtracks and exciting sounds that you hear while playing.

User experience

The simplicity of the game makes it easy to play hence attracting many people towards it. The players are happy with the fact that you can play the game so many times without getting bored since it offers new and exciting levels the more you progress. The tower puzzle challenge is also spicing the game more allowing players to interact online and compare their scores.


VIPole – Review

VIPole – Review

VIPole is a secure, instant messenger developed for secure communication. Businesses operate with sensitive and confidential data on a daily basis and communication between its team members needs to be secure. Whether it is discussing financials related to a new proposal or sharing contracts between different departments, businesses cannot rely on just any app available in the market. Only a tool that focuses on high data security and protecting privacy can meet the stringent requirements of an enterprise.

VIPole  application is  created for secure messaging, video, calls and file sharing. The app can be used by individuals as well as by teams or even larger enterprises. An end-to-end encryption ensures that all the data stored and transferred within the app is secure and remains protected at all times.



VIPole is a powerful, secure messenger for managing communication with teams allowing messaging, conferencing and transfer of files. Its features include

 Instant messaging

Group chats

Voice calls

Video calls

Conferencing with multiple users

File transfer and storage

Calls to mobile and landline phones

Voice mail messaging

 VIPole’s greatest advantage is that it has been designed keeping in mind the business user and that is why it places a lot of importance of maintaining security.

User Interface

VIPole is available for download on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It supports multiple operating systems including iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. It can be installed and set up for use on any device quickly. The app allows you to encrypt your profile by creating a password, ensuring your data and communication is secure.

User Experience

VIPole is very feature-rich making it a one-stop solution for businesses and individuals. It incorporates some of the most essentials tools needed to conduct daily business. Some of these tools include –

• An organizer to schedule meetings and set reminders

• A task manager to assign tasks to various team members and to track the progress of various activities

• A notes tool to jot down ideas and share them across the team

Overall, VIPole is an excellent app for business users who need a secure, robust messenger to communicate with each other.



Rocket VPN – Review

Rocket VPN – Review

The VPN apps for Android are beneficial to protect our online identity as well as permit us to use all the services which were banned at our locations and much more. Thus it is vital to procure a quality VPN app for your smartphone. Though there are number of VPN apps available in market, but appreciation to Rocket VPN for Android which is one of the easiest to use VPN app.

If global users wish to access the blocked content on the sites, then you require having a VPN which is the Virtual Private Network. It does offer the user with a virtual version of IP address to the private network. Using VPN service will certainly assist you in hiding the data as well as the IP address.


This popular Rocket VPN app allows Android users to encrypt their private mobile data, unblock geographically restricted content, and surf fast anonymously. It could also qualitatively avoid being monitored by third parties for the utmost in speed, security and privacy.

The users could also stay anonymous and avoid being tracked, even on Wi-Fi networks that are not secured. They can also unblock games, blocked sites and more. You can also get 250 MB free data usage every 30 days to watch videos, stream music or surf securely. It is possible to upgrade to unlimited for covering all your devices with unlimited bandwidth usage and the fastest speed possible.

Salient Features of Rocket VPN

Access Blocked Sites and Apps The users can select from worldwide servers to access geographically restricted content no matter where you are.

Surf Securely

You could browse the internet right from Rocket VPN with the new Rocket Browser so global users are always protected.

Launch your Apps instantly

With Rocket Launcher the users can create shortcuts to open an app and viably connect to your preferred location right from Rocket VPN.

Secure your Connection

The users can protect their data with encryption to keep personal details safe. Protect your Identity It is possible to anonymize your connection and prevent third parties from tracking your identity and location.

Guard your Privacy

You can lock down your security to block third parties from spying on your web traffic.

Rocket VPN is available at economic price and provides lot of beneficial services. It does have simple user interface and offers daily protection over the Internet with fast secure communication. Eventually Rocket VPN does perfect job accurately without giving any troubleshooting or setting problem to the global users. WORTH HAVING APPLICATION:



AntiSocial – Android App Review

AntiSocial – Android App Review

There are a lot of people who can’t seem to stay away from their Smartphones for even just a few minutes. They are either texting, listening to music even at the detriment of the jobs they have to do. If you are one of those people who is addicted to his or her Smartphone and you have tried every means possible to get rid of that behavior, then the Antisocial Android app is what you require. It provides in-depth reports and comprehensive scoring systems that allow you to monitor your interactions and activities all day long so that you can focus better on more important things.

What is the antisocial android app?

This is an app that helps you to keep track of the amount of time you spend listening to music, texting, time devoted to social media and it even provides you with the capacity to make comparisons of you phone usage with other people who utilize the app all around the globe.

This app is ideal for people who seem to get carried away when using their Smartphones that they forget to do other things. This antisocial Android app helps in offering a solution to that.


Features of the antisocial android app

The antisocial Android app comes with a lot of outstanding features for users. Some of the features provided by this app include;

– Provides a chart that monitors your daily activities;

The antisocial app comes with a complete chart that monitors your activities on a daily basis and gives you your results later so you can see for yourself what apps you spend time on the most.

– It monitors all your interactions;

The app helps in monitoring all the activities you carry out on your phone, be it texting, listening to music among others so you can observe the activities that take up your time.


– It provides a comprehensive scoring method;

The antisocial app provides a scoring system that is in-depth which serves as a form of challenge for users as everyone would make efforts to attain higher scores.

– Allows you compare your usage stats with other users;

The app lets you compare your Smartphone usage with other users on the app, so you have an idea on the improvements you are making or if you need to adjust.

– Allows users to block specific applications;

The antisocial app offers users the ability to block certain applications that are consuming their time for specific periods, to aid in helping them break the addiction.

Pros of the antisocial app

The antisocial app offers users with the following benefits;

– Helps users monitor their daily activities and interactions

– Provides comprehensive reports

– Shows brand new ways to help users battle addiction

– It is easy to use

– Statistics are not difficult to understand

– Helps users in setting limits for themselves


– There have been no complaints about the usage of this app yet.

Final Verdict

For users who plan on battling the addiction to their Smartphone as regards usage, this is the easiest and most comprehensive app to utilize that provides you with brand new ways to do just that.

Worth Having App – Download the App

AnyOption Binary App Review

AnyOption Binary App Review

anyoption_iconAnyOption binary options app is currently one of the best android app that continuously helping their user in binary trading. Binary trading is a financial option in which a payment made to someone is either some fixed relating to money or nothing. This app is a very easy app and user friendly where you will get a fulfillment or satisfying while using on any device.

AnyOption binary options app is consider as a pioneer of the binary options trading assurance that up to 70% benefit from each action of buying or selling you make and also have the opportunity for me to put binary options on Indices, Forex, commodities, and stocks. This Binary options trading app from AnyOption binary app is well optimized,advanced,developed and fits automatically on screen whether you are using android phones or tablets or some other device you have.

This Android app consistently and coherently syncs with the devices and allows the user to trade or exchange in real time from anywhere in the world or anytime. This app got the best user friendly environment and interact with a very friendly and developed program enabling system. As it is an android app , user have get started from the play store.

I created an account on this app and i found a user guide or introduction about how this app works and the services. This user guidance helped me a lot and made it a lot easier to get started with this app. The first work that i had to do was creating a new account and on the first work this app asked by itself to create an account. The user guidance helped a lot in this matter. After creating a registered account in a quick registration process my account was ready to trade.

This app got almost 200 trading assets from around the world. And i was always keep in touched on the fast paced trading of the Binary options by tracking all the real time movements and news. I was always up-to-dated by this app in trading without any kind of failure or disturbance.

This app offer a very good quality experience where the user will be always satisfied.24 hour support will give the user a headway into trading. This innovative trading platform will make the user as a leader of this binary option industry.

Download Anyoption App Binary Options

Corgi for Feedly

Corgi for Feedly

In this modern day technology as you expect, writing technology news and managing a team of writers is hard criteria. It also means keeping up with anything that happens is vital part of their job. So avoiding this menace Corgi for Feedly would adversely satisfies all requirements in benefit of users.

What this means is that app users need easy way to stay in touch with anything that happens across a day and simple way to view a roundup of everything that happened overnight. Corgi for Feedly has become so familiar among all passionate users.

Corgi for AndroidIn nutshell all users prefer this Corgi for Android. Among many lock screen apps which are available for Android devices it generally tend to focus on your notifications look like, deliver playlists, access several services or add power features. Whereas this quality app strongly focuses on simplicity and keeping you informed about the latest news.

Moreover it aptly plugs straight into Feedly to permit you to customize the news you view by category. It also allow you import all your Feedly lists. It is also being able to scan through your quality Feedly list straight from your lock screen is extremely handy to someone who checks an overview of the news several times a day.

Moreover the users could pick only view updates on your lock screen from specific Feedly subscriptions if your list is overwhelming nature. It also qualitatively supports illustrating items from your Instagram feed from all or people you follow.

Corgi for Android

Once installed, Corgi aptly permits you to swipe up to read the article it presents, or you could swipe to the left to browse to other articles. In addition to simply unlock the phone, you just swipe right. And as you’re interestingly reading, if a given article is truncated by the publisher, you could launch a browser in the app to read the whole story. You’re also able to utilize Corgi for Feedly to share stories on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.